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Linda Boley’s Garden is for the Birds

Linda Boley’s garden in Boulder, Colorado, is a treat for birds, people, and pollinators.

From Miner’s Cabin to Xeric Butterfly Garden

The garden of Jean Morgan in Louisville, Colorado, is bursting with personality.

2019 Denver Fling: An Overview

So Judy and I got home around 8 pm this evening after spending 5 days in Denver, where we took part in the Garden Bloggers’ Fling. As usual it was superbly organized. The backdrop provided by the Rocky Mountains and the big Colorado sky did give this year a different feel. Also, I thought it …

Peg Bier’s Shade Garden, With a Special Emphasis on Chickens

Not live chickens, metal chickens. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We’re going back to another garden we visited during the Garden Bloggers Fling in the DC area.

A Garden With a Sense of Humor

And now for another of the gardens of the DC Fling, this one belonging to Ellen Ash and located in the suburbs of Northern Virginia. The aspect of this garden that has stayed with me most is its sense of humor.

The Jewel Box Gardens of Toronto’s Cabbagetown

Another memorable experience from the Toronto Garden Bloggers Fling back in June was our tour of Cabbagetown gardens. Cabbagetown is a neighborhood east of downtown Toronto. Originally home to Irish immigrants so poor they grew cabbages in their front yards, the area slid into a long decline before gentrification began in the 1970s. As is …

These are the Gardens in Your Neighborhood (Veronica’s Garden)

Judy and I have done a lot of traveling to visit gardens in other states and even other countries. But it is worth remembering that there are unique and remarkable gardens literally right around the corner. One such surrounds a small, single-story brick bungalow on a busy street about three blocks from our house. I …

Great Gardens Make Good Neighbors, Part 2

Change of plans: this post will not be about Brent and Becky’s Bulbs catalog, but I will get to them in the near future. Instead I want to write about the garden of Linda Ernst, who has developed an inspiring garden that is linked, front and back, with that of her close friend and neighbor …

Great Gardens Make Good Neighbors

On the last day of the Garden Bloggers Fling we visited adjoining gardens planted by two close friends and neighbors, Joni Ernst and Linda Fuller. This was back in July, you may recall, in Portland OR. I like my own neighbors, but it would be a special kind of heaven to have the next lot …

The Ruth Bancroft Garden

The Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek was the first garden we visited on the third day of the Fling. I found it exciting, surprising, and sometimes entertaining (largely due to the sculptures). I don’t see gardens built around succulents as beautiful, though, and this was not an exception to that rule. I realize there …