A Garden With a Sense of Humor

And now for another of the gardens of the DC Fling, this one belonging to Ellen Ash and located in the suburbs of Northern Virginia. The aspect of this garden that has stayed with me most is its sense of humor.


The front of the house is mostly conventional, though there were some spray-painted Alliums that raised a few eyebrows.


The back garden is full of tranquil mossy paths …


But those paths lead to frequent quirky vignettes, as with these “attack flamingos”


I liked this mama flamingo and her babies.


Moose and flamingos in the same garden – talk about biodiversity!


There are also fat cats.


And creepy crawly spiders, good for a Halloween display.


There’s a magical watering can. Apparently with the right magic you will never run short of water.


More paths with plenty of shady spots to rest.


It appears that a tea party was interrupted at this table.


A large Buckeye (Aesculus) shrub of some kind provided some summer blooms in the shade.


Here’s a view of the back of the house. The woodland garden surrounds a large central lawn.


All these blue Hydrangeas are impressive, though personally I prefer white Hydrangea blooms.


That back garden also contains a large pool.


While a nearby cat enjoys a swinging lifestyle.


But be careful not to wake the sleeping loepard!


There’s a lovely water feature shaded by a Japanese Maple (Acer japonicum). DSC_0028

Including a pond full of koi and water lilies.


Here’s another water feature in the shady woodland.


I wasn’t really sure that this aluminum space lady is meant to be reclined upon. It doesn’t look very comfortable.

It’s nice to see a garden where the gardener lets her imagination run free.

That’s all for now.

42 Comments on “A Garden With a Sense of Humor”

  1. Those flamingos are rad! One of my colleagues had those in his garden. I would do it to if I were more daring. Another colleague is a famous landscape designer in West Hollywood, so it would be extra offensive. Los Gatos has the ‘Cat Walk’, where plaster cats are hidden around downtown. Maps can be obtained at some of the local businesses, so that participants can check off the cats that they find. It sounds silly, but my great niece really digs some of the cats. Some of them are pointed out by signs below. some are hidden better than others.

  2. What an interesting garden – that’s unfortunately one of the ones I missed as I went back to the hotel early due to a touch of heat stroke from the day before (learned my lesson that day – lots of water and keep that hat on my head!)

  3. I love this garden! Spray-painted alliums? I should try that, since the real ones won’t grow here. I enjoyed the quirkiness of this garden, but I equally like the lovely plantings and moss paths. My kind of place!

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