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This Year’s Containers for Shade

So let’s take a look at our containers in the shady back garden, shall we?

Victoria on the Front Range

On the third day of the Denver Garden Bloggers Fling we visited the home garden of Rob Proctor and David Macke. Rob Proctor used to be the director of horticulture at the Denver Botanic Gardens, so I was looking forward to this visit with keen anticipation.

Peg Bier’s Shade Garden, With a Special Emphasis on Chickens

Not live chickens, metal chickens. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We’re going back to another garden we visited during the Garden Bloggers Fling in the DC area.

Mid-August Blooms, Part 2

OK, so here are the rest of our garden’s blooms taken this past Sunday.

Leave No Pot Unplanted

Late last week I made my first visit of the year to Anton’s, one of my favorite local nurseries. To say that they know me there is an understatement. In fact, in spring and summer I make so many appearances that the staff often remind me to punch in my time card.   What Anton’s …

Great Gardens Make Good Neighbors, Part 2

Change of plans: this post will not be about Brent and Becky’s Bulbs catalog, but I will get to them in the near future. Instead I want to write about the garden of Linda Ernst, who has developed an inspiring garden that is linked, front and back, with that of her close friend and neighbor …

A Couple of Lessons That Took a Long Time to Learn But Now Seem Kind of Obvious

Beth over at Plant Postings hosts a meme called Lessons Learned, which is about pretty much what it sounds like. This is a good thing, as it’s extremely useful to compare notes with fellow gardeners. So I’m taking this opportunity to write about a couple of lessons I learned over the summer.   Lesson Number …