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The Garden of Dan Johnson and Tony Miles

Going back once again to the Denver Garden Bloggers Fling last June, let’s talk about the private garden of Dan Johnson and Tony Miles. I loved it. It was relaxed, joyful, and crammed with goodies. Dan Johnson is a serious garden person: Associate Director of Horticulture at the Denver Botanic Gardens. And yet in the …

Victoria on the Front Range

On the third day of the Denver Garden Bloggers Fling we visited the home garden of Rob Proctor and David Macke. Rob Proctor used to be the director of horticulture at the Denver Botanic Gardens, so I was looking forward to this visit with keen anticipation.

From Miner’s Cabin to Xeric Butterfly Garden

The garden of Jean Morgan in Louisville, Colorado, is bursting with personality.

A Rock Garden After My Own Heart

In general, I just don’t get rock gardens. They leave me baffled. Perhaps this is because I come from a region of deep soil but few rocks. (Or maybe it’s just jealousy – sour rocks?)

Embarrassing Garden Moments and Garden Book Giveaway

So my Garden Book Giveaway project has not exactly been proceeding according to schedule. Initially it was supposed to be every Wednesday, then every other Wednesday. Now it’s pretty much a random event. I think this is what physicists call entropy.   However, all is not lost. For today we are giving away another garden …

The Magic of Water at the Gardens of Glen Villa

During our trip to Quebec we were delighted to be invited to visit Glen Villa, the home of Pat and Norman Webster. Theirs is a big property of 750 acres near the small village of North Hatley, about 90 minutes southeast of Montreal. Pat writes the blog Site and Insight, covering topics related to art, …

Desert Garden at the Huntington Library

Some time ago I wrote a post about why I don’t plant succulents in my own garden. Ever since then, I have felt the presence of an invisible host waiting to pounce and shout, “Aha! Now you admit the error of your ways!” We saw the Desert Garden at the Huntington Library on the Monday …

Greetings from the Huntington’s Desert Garden

We’re heading back to Chicago tomorrow, today we’re going to the Getty Center. The Huntington Library gardens were a highlight of the trip. More after we return, of course.

Botany for the Willfully Ignorant: Why I Don’t Grow Succulents

Let me start with a few acknowledgments. First, I know almost nothing about succulent plants. However, this does not prevent me from exercising my rights as an American to have opinions about them. These opinions may not be based on fact. However, I feel that they are true. Therefore, while they may not be accurate, …

A Cool Garden on a Hot Day

So I found another couple of gardens from the Garden Bloggers Fling in San Francisco that I never did write about. One was the Palo Alto garden of Andrea and Andy Testa-Vought, designed by Bernard Trainor. Though very different from the kind of Midwest gardens I am used to, I admired how this garden created …