When it comes to seeds (plants, too, but that’s not relevant here), I’m always thinking of 1 (or 2 or 3) more things I meant to buy. No problem: fire up the laptop and put in one more order. But around the middle of March, I noticed suddenly that lots of seeds at lots of …

Did you know that a Right to Garden Act has been introduced in the Illinois General Assembly? Yup. The bill numbers are HB 4704 and SB 3329, and the chief sponsors in their respective chambers are State Representative Sonia Harper and State Senator Scott Bennett.

Do you know about Botanical Interests? If not, you should – especially if you like to start flowers and vegetables from seed. This seed company has over 600 items to choose from, with a strong emphasis on heirloom and organic varieties.

Very much hope that you had a happy Turkey Day. We had a smallish group, though certainly big enough: Judy and I, our sons Daniel and David, and their partners Beckee and Meredith. At any given time starting about noon, most of us were squeezed into the kitchen working on the many dishes needed for …

Herbs Going Wild

Across the driveway from the house, behind the Crabapple tree, there is a little sunny space that I intended to use for herbs and vegetables.

Tomatoes in Part Sun?

You’re not supposed to grow tomatoes in part sun, everybody knows that. But I’m performing a little experiment. I wanted to grow tomatoes in containers on the back steps, along with some herbs: sweet basil, Thai basil, mint, chives, and parsley.

A Pollinator Paradise

Rhonda Fleming Hayes is the author of Pollinator Friendly Gardening, and we were able to visit her Minneapolis garden on the first morning of the fling.

Tomato and Herb Report

Our edible gardening is a bit of an afterthought. We have a small bed in the front garden devoted mostly to herbs and a few tomato vines with some annual flowers mixed in. The tomatoes and annual herbs were planted late this year due to the cold spring.

Mostly Edible Garden Report

It’s really a tomato/herbs/cutting garden, but that is kind of an awkward name, so I’m calling it the Mostly Edible Garden. I was a reluctant vegetable gardener, but Judy wanted to be able to eat our own tomatoes. Farmers’ market tomatoes would have been good enough for me, but marriage is about compromise, so I …

Garden Catalog Review: Burpee

As we are in the grip of bitter cold, this is a good time to sit inside and peruse the garden catalogs. To my mind, garden catalogs are a genre of literature like historical fiction or vampires. Or perhaps they are best thought of as fact-based graphic novels. In any case, they are as worthy …