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Uncertain Future for Lurie Garden?

Red Poppies Lurie Garden

Last week Judy had to go downtown to get her second COVID shot (yay!) and while there decided to visit the Lurie Garden. What she found was a bit concerning, especially when combined with other developments at Lurie over the past several months. It appeared that no attempt had been made to start the spring …

July Stars of the Lurie Garden (2018)

There are certain plants that really define a garden at a given point in the season. This is certainly true of the Lurie Garden in July.

The Green Roof at the Hugh Garner Housing Cooperative

After viewing the small private gardens of Cabbagetown, Garden Bloggers Fling participants were treated to a more elevated horticultural experience. Which is to say, we visited the green roof at the Hugh Garner Housing Cooperative. The Coop is a nine story building with 181 apartments. Not as charming as the surrounding red brick rowhouses, perhaps, …

These are the Gardens in Your Neighborhood (Veronica’s Garden)

Judy and I have done a lot of traveling to visit gardens in other states and even other countries. But it is worth remembering that there are unique and remarkable gardens literally right around the corner. One such surrounds a small, single-story brick bungalow on a busy street about three blocks from our house. I …