Great Gardens Make Good Neighbors

On the last day of the Garden Bloggers Fling we visited adjoining gardens planted by two close friends and neighbors, Joni Ernst and Linda Fuller. This was back in July, you may recall, in Portland OR. I like my own neighbors, but it would be a special kind of heaven to have the next lot over be occupied by someone with a garden fixation similar to mine.

The two Ernst and Fuller gardens are linked by a path out front and an open gate in the back. We wandered back and forth between the two, so that now I’m not always positive which picture went where. However, there was so much to see that a single post would not do them justice.

2014-07-13 10.41.12

So let’s start with the garden of Joanne Fuller. The modest front garden is leafy, shady, and soothing.

2014-07-13 10.42.51

Steps lead to a comfortable front porch.

2014-07-13 10.44.14

Shade plants grow in containers.

2014-07-13 10.47.16

Not sure if this is a lantern or purely decorative, but I like it.

2014-07-13 10.49.08

Lots of garden art to be seen, front and back. These textured metal columns are less my style, but to each his own.

2014-07-13 10.49.29

These variegated Brunnera macrophylla look good here.

2014-07-13 10.50.26

The path to the back garden, where most of the action is.

2014-07-13 10.54.57

These hanging spheres are cool, though I don’t think they would be a good fit for my own garden.

2014-07-13 10.56.25

Joanne’s neighbor makes fused glass objects – perhaps that’s where this came from.

2014-07-13 10.59.57

This little patio made of a mosaic of small stones is really wonderful.

2014-07-13 11.01.10

A fellow lover of tall plants! I don’t grow this one, but I think it is some kind of Angelica. Nice Clematis blooming in the background.

2014-07-13 11.04.57

I like how these Allium seedheads look next to the tall purple stems.

2014-07-13 11.12.12

2014-07-13 10.57.21

Great fountain. I like the mossy look, plus this is should be an excellent spot for birds, with both splashing and shallow running water..

2014-07-13 11.51.15

A wider view of the garden with the fountain. This garden has a decidedly tropical feel to it.

2014-07-13 11.44.11

More glass garden art.

2014-07-13 11.12.40

And a pleasant outdoor table within view of the fountain.

2014-07-13 11.54.26

I loved this garden gate made with old tools.

2014-07-13 11.53.49

A closer look at the gate.

This is the sort of place that makes me feel like I really should have more garden art at home. Do you ever get that feeling?

In a few days there’ll be a post on the other half of this garden duo. But my next post will be a review of the Brent and Becky’s catalog. See you then.

42 Comments on “Great Gardens Make Good Neighbors”

  1. It’s great to see what can be done with what looks like a pretty small space – I don’t have much garden art, as I am waiting for the plantings to establish before choosing items that will complement the style….but it is definitely something to consider!

  2. Now isn’t that a brilliant concept….like-minded neighbours sharing the space and the pleasure!
    Y’know…I’ve never come across that before. Like you I loved the garden gate and those arty lanterns, and the fountain is lovely and as you say, good for wildlife. I think I’d be scared of the glass items shattering in gales

  3. They both are beautiful gardens. I like the glass art – much of it looks like exotic blooms.
    I have two friends who have merged their garden to create something beautiful. You inspired me to do a post on their garden some day.

  4. I am not usually into garden art but that gate is so cute. Hmm … aside: (honey, where is the welding torch?) There is a lot to love here. The spheres are cool and that fountain is something I definitely could work with. Thanks for sharing. =D

  5. Love the tour, this was delightful. I’m less a fan of the glass but I really love the metal. From the rain chain to those columns I’m a huge fan of aged metal in the garden. What lucky ladies to garden next to each other. Sometimes it feels like us gardeners are outnumbered by lawn mowing lovers.

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