Linda Boley’s garden in Boulder, Colorado, is a treat for birds, people, and pollinators.


Whether it’s design, installation, or maintenance, this is a DIY garden, grown out of the essentially blank slate that existed when Linda moved here in 1977. Though a retired graphic designer, Linda has degrees in botany and zoology and is a volunteer naturalist. Her garden sustains local wildlife in multiple ways.


Instead of a lawn, the front of the house is a sunny rock garden, covered with a patchwork of Sedums, Ice Plant, Sempervivums, Hardy Geranium, and finely textured grasses.


These are punctuated by taller perennials like Irises and Golden Columbine (Aquilegia chrysantha).


Around back on the patio you’ll find a  flotilla of clay pots planted with grasses and succulents.


The back garden is notable for its array of quirky bird houses.


A closer look – aren’t they great? And how about that bamboo fence?


A portion of the back garden is pleasantly shady, and there is a modest amount of lawn here.


The back garden has several nesting structures for native bees. And I love the leafy pattern that looks like it was stenciled onto the fence.



This garden meets all the essential wildlife needs: food, water, shelter, and cover.


More birdhouses, with Ninebark and what looks like Clematis ‘Nelly Moser’ to one side.


A closer look at ‘Nelly’ and the Ninebark (which could be a good name for a band of musical gardeners). There are several varieties of Clematis in the back and they all seem very happy.


There’s Coral Honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens) blooming on the other side of this little birdhouse village.


In a sunny corner of the back garden you’ll find 2 raised beds with drip irrigation for vegetables.

If I were a bird, I would definitely want to take up residence in one of Linda Boley’s birdhouses. As a person, I’m just glad I got to visit.

44 Comments on “Linda Boley’s Garden is for the Birds”

  1. “Nelly and the Nine Bark” made me laugh. Let me know when they start touring. I’ll be there.
    I must say, this is my favorite of the gardens you’ve shown us. The amount of thought behind the design is obvious; nothing seems “too much,” or out of place.

  2. I agree, those little bird houses and hotels look so cosy I would move in too if I were a bird! Nice to see a quirky but nature-friendly garden. The stencils on the fence are ingenious… you think you are looking at a green boundary. Thanks for sharing!

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