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Drought On My Mind

Lately I’ve been preoccupied much with the prospect of drought. So far, this is the second driest May on record. April was also very dry. Normally, this is a region of fairly generous rainfall, but we haven’t had a good rain in months. Precipitation for this year so far is less than half what we …

Snow, Snow, Snow

bird houses in snow

Over the last 2 days the Chicago area has gotten about 18″ of snow. And that was on top of a bunch of other snow, so that we’ve got a total of 44″ for the season, a 40-year record.

Crocuses On Ice

Despite what I wrote in my last post, not all the Crocuses have been eaten by rabbits. But given the weather forecast, I worry that if the survivors aren’t eaten by rabbits, they may be spoiled by the cold.

Spring is Delayed, Please See Agent For Details

The temperatures for most of this March have hovered between a few degrees above to a few degrees below freezing. This means that Spring has been emerging with excruciating slowness. Most nights the soil freezes, along with the potting mix in containers. We have Snowdrops, for which I am grateful, but nothing else.  

Snowfall At Dusk

We had another snowfall last Saturday night, just a couple of inches. Judy ran out with her camera to capture the scene before the light faded.

March Bloom Day, More or Less

So this isn’t exactly a Bloom Day post because these pictures were taken on the 12th, the Sunday before Bloom Day. On Bloom Day itself, everything was covered with snow. 

March Madness

It’s not that a March snowstorm is unusual for Chicago. Chicagoans may react to snow even in April with just a weary shrug. It’s just that the preceding February was so warm that people were walking around in shorts, for crying out loud. I am not making that up.

November’s Wild Mood Swing

On Friday and Saturday Chicago got the biggest November snow storm in 120 years. Which is strange, because for about three weeks November had been doodling along acting like a nice October. Then suddenly there’s a wild mood swing and it feels like we’re in January.

Another Reason I Don’t Buy Plants at Home Depot

So this past Saturday I headed to my local Home Depot to buy some of those big brown paper yard waste bags. It was a cold day, about 33 degrees, and the ground was still frozen – but warm enough for some spring clean up. But Home Depot wasn’t going to be distracted by the local …

An Unwanted Encore

It seemed as if winter was finally leaving us. The weather turned mild, and the snow was melting at a steady pace. Then a colleague at work sent me this. Yes, apparently we are expecting up to 16″ of snow by tomorrow night. It’s still well above freezing as I write this, so I’m hoping …