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Blooms of Mid-July, Part 2

Following up on the last post, here’s a run down of the blooms in the rest of the garden: the Left Bank (the smaller part of the front garden that lies west of the driveway) and the shady back garden.

Another Reason I Don’t Buy Plants at Home Depot

So this past Saturday I¬†headed to my local Home Depot to buy some of those big brown paper yard waste bags. It was a cold day, about 33 degrees, and the ground was still frozen – but warm enough for some spring clean up. But Home Depot wasn’t going to be distracted by the local …

Poll: What To Plant Along The Sidewalk?

There’s a flower border along my front sidewalk. I’m not satisfied with it. The issue is what to plant up against the sidewalk, between the Bluestar (Amsonia tabernaemontana) at one end and the Monarda,¬†Short’s Aster (Aster shortii), and Golden Alexander (Zizia aurea) at the other. It needs to be something relatively low-growing. When I first …