bird houses in snow

Over the last 2 days the Chicago area has gotten about 18″ of snow. And that was on top of a bunch of other snow, so that we’ve got a total of 44″ for the season, a 40-year record.

The view from our front door this morning, after shoveling twice yesterday.

And it’s been cold as well as snowy. Daytime highs in the single digits, overnight lows creeping into below zero territory.

Judy shoveled the front walk.

Luckily we don’t have to go anywhere.

Our street.

Though a certain amount of snow shoveling is required for the mail carrier and also for taking out the trash, etc. Due to my illness I can’t shovel snow like I used to. Judy does some, and Daniel helps out when he visits. We also have a very obliging younger neighbor who has helped us out with heroic snow removal efforts. Judy reciprocates by baking chocolate chip cookies which I take over to his house.

The cats are a little freaked out.
The Back Garden. You can barely make out the patio furniture at the left.
Taking the trash and recycling out the back is a bit of a challenge. We try to maintain a trench leading to the alley.
The bird houses look like they are wearing fluffy white hats. Judy took this while the snow was coming down.
This is how much snow we had before the latest 18″. I am wearing my genuine Russian fur hat, a birthday present, while taking out the trash.

Overall I’ve had two conflicting reactions to all this snow. The first is: Look! So beautiful! The second is: Help! We’re being buried alive! But that’s silly. All this snow will have to melt eventually. Right???

36 Comments on “Snow, Snow, Snow”

  1. And we are very thankful to have electricity, unlike our friends in Texas! And no branches down from ice, like the Pacific Northwest! We’re nice and toasty, even if it is in the teens outside.

  2. I am wondering the same thing – although here in Central IN we only received about 10” on top of the 6” already on the ground. I think it will melt eventually. It always has before.

    I went out early this morning and made a snow shovel wide path for my mail carrier. Like Judy did. I’m feeling that already and it’s only 1413 hours. For taking the trash out back I cheated a bit. Before yesterday’s storm I brought the main trash can much closer to my back door. Now it’s only about a 10’ trudge through the snow. Inconvenience aside, it is beautiful.

    I’m grateful that this winter has been a proper winter after so many years of climate changed winters of too many warm weeks with only a few days here and there of middling cold and barely any snow. I am enjoying it all. Although, it is much easier to enjoy with the electricity on and no frozen water pipes.

    • They are pretty good at getting the streets plowed. With this much snow, it might take a couple days though. The real problem is street parking in denser areas in the city. The plows make big mounds of snow and ice, and you often have to cross over them to park. I lived in tricky areas like that for years, but I’m glad not to have to deal with it now. Although sometimes the city plow leaves a huge mound at the end of our driveway.

  3. What a lot of snow! The peaks on top of the bird feeders look so funny. Good to hear you are getting some help with all the shovelling. We have had snow on and off since January, with a brief thaw in the middle and a very cold spell the past week or so. But our forecast is for higher temperatures at last. Hope you don’t get flooded when all that stuff melts! Take care!

    • The hat is rabbit fur, which I suggested to Jason was some revenge for all the bulbs and tender plants the rabbits ate over the years. The only problem is that the hat is very attractive to our cats, who want to sleep on it and lick it to groom it.

      • I can just see your cats at work on that hat. Cracks me up thinking about it.
        That amount of snow is horrible. They only good thing is you know your plants in the ground are protected from all that cold.
        We have a measly 14″ on the ground right now. I won’t complain to you. I did dig a snow shovel wide path out to the compost pile. That about did me in. ha…

  4. That is a LOT of snow. More than we’ve gotten. Yes, eventually it will melt. Our snow banks where the John Deere blows it normally don’t totally melt until the end of April. It’s been a long year and a long winter. Stay well, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Mother Nature comes to the conclusion that your area has had enough moisture this year. 🙂

  5. Wow! So much snow, it seems amazing to think in a few short months you will have spring flowers growing. The snow looks pretty on the bare trees and in the sunlight, but I can imagine feeling overwhelmed by so much snow. It must be very hard on people without much heating, or elderly people on their own.

  6. My goodness, that is a lot of snow! Much more than we have in Maine. One thing about all that snow…it provides insulation for the perennials. One frigid snowless winter wiped out nearly every plant in my back bed. Good to see a picture of you in your warm hat. Glad you are all warm and snug in your home.

  7. I guess we’re in the snow, aren’t we Jason? Love your shots, would hate that much snow. Our 6 inches and the single digit temps are not my cup of hot tea. You’re cute, standing in the garden. Stay warm, spring is on its way. Fingers crossed.

  8. I love your Russian hat. Your young neighbor will appreciate the chocolate chip cookies. I’m ready for spring! Don’t know about Chicago but in Kentucky we lost power last week for about 8 hours due to ice storm. Another round yesterday and through the night brought sleet, snow and a little freezing rain. Another round is due Wednesday evening through Friday morning. And it’s so damned cold! Relief is supposed to be on the way next week – into the 40s. The 2003 ice storm left us without power for seven days but at least the temps were above freezing.

  9. If we’re going to get the kind of cold we’ve had, I wouldn’t mind snow like that. It might be ‘cold comfort,’ but at least it would be prettier than black ice. Of course, our problem (apart from the bureacrats running the power grid) is that we’re not built for snow and cold.There are going to be a lot of broken pipes when the thaw comes.

    I certainly am glad I hung on to a good portion of my Iowa wardrobe — especially the coats, scarves, and gloves. A friend gave me a hat that looks somewhat like yours,Jason, although it’s some sort of fuzzy whatever and not fur. It’s warm, though, and it has cute little ear flaps. If the power goes out again, I’ll wear it in the house!

    • We’re much better prepared here for this snow and cold! And snow is better than ice any day! I hope things will be back to normal quickly for you and everyone else, being cold is miserable (and dangerous).

  10. OMG! I’m with the cat 😀
    I can’t believe the mail is still being delivered and the trash getting picked up… two enthusiastically thumbs up to all the hard workers, toiling in this weather. Fun shots of the bird houses.

  11. Love the hat, Jason! My brother had one just like it when we were growing up, and I remember how wonderfully warm and soft it was. Perfect for this kind of winter! 4′ of snow is a lot no matter how one looks at it. We got just under a foot, and I remember how much I miss NOT having snow on the ground. It really does make the world a more beautiful, and certainly brighter, place during the dark months.

  12. That’s a lot of snow! I must admit I prefer looking at the photographs to having it in my garden at the moment. At least you know how to cope with snow, we are seeing film of Texas on the television here and they are not used to it. It is hard to imagine that shortly the garden will be full of flowers. Amelia

  13. My Deep South bones are shivering! I confess I am not jealous, though your snow is truly beautiful. We had a sprinkling of snow this week, and it was enough to close schools and shut down businesses, which even the pandemic has not done recently here. Actually, we use snow as a good excuse for a holiday! Wishing you the best!

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