Crocuses On Ice

Despite what I wrote in my last post, not all the Crocuses have been eaten by rabbits. But given the weather forecast, I worry that if the survivors aren’t eaten by rabbits, they may be spoiled by the cold.


The Crocuses planted in containers are beginning to bloom. It’s too early to tell, but so far it doesn’t seem like I will get the effect I was aiming for. I wanted the containers to look like a big bouquet of Crocuses before the Tulips start to bloom – but the Crocuses don’t seem to be coming up thickly enough. I planted more than 40 Crocus bulbs per container – but maybe that’s insufficient.


On Saturday you could also find Crocuses in the borders of the front garden  – blooming singly, in twos and threes, and in small clumps. The rabbits generously left a few of the blooms on this little patch above.


On Sunday the weather turned much colder, and the Crocuses were closed up for the day. They are only open on days with at least a minimum of warmth.


The cold weather is supposed to continue throughout this week and into next.


On Friday it’s supposed to get as cold as 21 degrees Fahrenheit (-6 Celsius), and no warmer than 34. Some places have it worse, but I don’t find that comforting.


Crocuses, I know, can tolerate cold, but can the delicate flowers handle such a hard freeze? We’ll see, I guess. The lesson is to appreciate your Crocuses while ye may, to paraphrase a poem.

31 Comments on “Crocuses On Ice”

  1. I just took a look at the NWS forecast for Chicago, and was astounded. I’m not surprised that you’re still cold and even a little snowy, but my goodness — the predicted temperatures seem downright insulting. I hope your crocuses can endure for a few more days. I didn’t realize that they close in the cold. Smart flowers.

  2. Your crocus are delightful, flowering in the face of adversity.With the weather against them as well as the rabbits, any that survive are doubly precious! I still have some flowering here after all our frost, snow and ice, I think they’re pretty tough.

  3. I like the idea of the crocuses in the tulip containers but you’re right I think you probably need a couple of hundred to create the look you were after. But they are at least a taste of the colour to come. This winter just doesn’t want to end!!!

  4. Hello Jason, even if the crocuses look a little sparse this year, they will quickly divide and bulk up in years to come. The flowers on some of the varieties are pretty tough as ours have survived being covered in snow three times, of course, it’s still much easier than a Chicago winter.

  5. I think the crocus will survive. Ours have been frozen a couple of times already. All of this freezing and below freezing temperatures sure are disheartening. I can’t even walk through my garden it is so soggy let alone “do” anything. Between showers yesterday I tried to pull a few weeds. I got hands full of mud. UGH… I keep telling myself this too will pass.

  6. They do look lovely – and 40 to a pot – wow! Do you think that some of them simply haven’t come up yet and are waiting for it to warm up a bit? Today we are experiencing hurricane like winds (not quite, but it certainly feels like it!) and the big chill persists.

  7. I’m sure the bulbs/plants will be fine, and they’ll divide and fill in even more next year. Regarding the flowers avoiding damage with lows in the teens (we’ll be down to 15 Friday night!) and 20s–I don’t know; I’m wondering the same thing. I’ve never had it that cold before with Crocuses already blooming. This will be an interesting experiment. Wish we didn’t have to experience it, though.

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