Snowfall At Dusk

We had another snowfall last Saturday night, just a couple of inches. Judy ran out with her camera to capture the scene before the light faded.


The street lamps were just coming on. This one makes me think of the lamppost that marks the border of the land of Narnia.


Everything gets outlined in white by the fresh snow. That’s the winter skeleton of Joe Pye Weed (Eutrochium maculatum) in the foreground.


In a recent post I was talking about snow hats. Here are little snow hats on the seedheads of Golden Glow (Rudbeckia laciniata).


Judy was saying that the snow accentuates the many varied shapes of the trees. There are stems that point like poking fingers.


There are bold, jagged lines.


And graceful curving ones.


Towering trees, and ones that are more compact, trees that reach up and ones that reach out.

In winter you get a better sense of the size and shapes and design of the trees. During the other seasons they hide their structure behind masses of leaves.


Here Judy turns around and takes a picture of her own footsteps in the snow, with our house at the end of the block. Incidentally, our house sits exactly where two local streets form a T.

It’s been ridiculously warm since these pictures were taken, reaching 60 degrees (F) today. I have a feeling, though, that we’ll get one more serious snowstorm before winter calls it quits.

51 Comments on “Snowfall At Dusk”

  1. I love this look at snowfall. This is just how I look at snow. I see the hats in the garden, the straight lines, curves and pointing, grasping fingers of limbs and vines. All accentuated by snow. Poetry with photography. Prose with plants.

  2. Such warm, evocative photos. I have many more memories of snow than experiences of snow these days, but I remember it affectionately despite the trials it can bring. Dusk after snow is especially wonderful; I agree that the lighted lamps are the perfect detail. For one thing, they bring back this song from childhood that I suspect most people today never have heard.

  3. What a strange winter it is — incredibly cold temperatures over Christmas, then normally cold, then snow, then warm, then freezing again… there is no regularity in the weather. Today it went up to 19C — that’s 66 F! Tomorrow it will probably be really cold, which will mean treacherous ice. Ugh. I’d be happier with a nice cold winter, with a blanket of snow that lasts the whole season.

  4. I think trees are their most lovely when all of their branches are outlined by a blanket of snow. Narnia indeed! Here it is gorgeous and in the upper 60s, too, though snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. It’s hard to believe when it feels almost like summer out!

  5. Wow, the snowfall was beautiful, wasn’t it? Especially looking down your street with the frosting on all those tall trees. It looks like a modern-day Victorian holiday card. We didn’t get as warm as you guys did, and now we’re covered in ice until the next warm up. I agree: We’ll probably have one or two more significant snow events.

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