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October Bloom Day

It’s been a fairly warm autumn so far. Leaves are slow to color, flowers to fade. Though they certainly are fading.

Blooms of Mid-July, Part 2

Following up on the last post, here’s a run down of the blooms in the rest of the garden: the Left Bank (the smaller part of the front garden that lies west of the driveway) and the shady back garden.

Along Came a Spiderwort

Now comes mid-June, and the garden is still in something of a blue period, tranquil and calm – at least in the sunny front area.

Another Reason I Don’t Buy Plants at Home Depot

So this past Saturday I┬áheaded to my local Home Depot to buy some of those big brown paper yard waste bags. It was a cold day, about 33 degrees, and the ground was still frozen – but warm enough for some spring clean up. But Home Depot wasn’t going to be distracted by the local …