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Reford Gardens Part II

Reford Gardens hosts an International Garden Festival, consisting of show gardens put together by artists and design teams from around the world. As the website says, the Festival is a “forum for innovation and experimentation.” The 2015 festival had 28 gardens that were on display from June through September.

Reford Gardens, Part I

After we reluctantly left Cap Chat, we headed back towards Montréal along the north coast of the Gaspé Peninsula. On the way we stopped at the Reford Gardens, also known as Les Jardins de Métis.

The Gardens at the National Assembly of Quebec

Let us now move from southern California to Quebec, at the opposite end of North America. You may recall that Judy and I were in Quebec in late summer, and we spent a couple of days in Quebec City, where we visited the gardens of the National Assembly building.

A Garden That Tells The Story of a Place and a Family

This is our second post about Glen Villa, which Judy and I visited at the very end of August. Glen Villa is the garden of Pat Webster, located in Quebec about 90 minutes southeast of Montreal. Pat writes the blog Site and Insight, which recently received a Silver Award from the Garden Writers Association. The …

The Magic of Water at the Gardens of Glen Villa

During our trip to Quebec we were delighted to be invited to visit Glen Villa, the home of Pat and Norman Webster. Theirs is a big property of 750 acres near the small village of North Hatley, about 90 minutes southeast of Montreal. Pat writes the blog Site and Insight, covering topics related to art, …

A Final Post on the Montreal Botanical Garden

l;ksadj;;lkd After experiencing the Chinese Garden, Judy and I ambled through a large area known as the Flowery Brook and Lilacs. This has not only a brook, but also two large ponds almost covered with lily pads at the very end of August, when we were there. There were a number of birdhouses set up …

A Visit to the Montreal Botanical Garden

Because of time constraints, Judy and I only got to see a modest portion of what is on offer at the Montreal Botanical Garden. Its 185 acres of indoor and outdoor spaces provide rich opportunities for exploration. For this post, I want to focus on the Aquatic Garden. The entrance area is full of planters …

I Forgot To Mention We Were Going to Quebec

We’re actually in Quebec right now, but we’ll be back soon. This picture was taken at the garden of Pat and Norman Webster, who live about 90 minutes southeast of Montreal (Pat writes the blog Site and Insight). I’ll have lots more about their truly amazing garden after we return to Chicago. Not to mention …