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New Lurie Garden Interactive Map!!!

The Lurie Garden now has an incredibly cool interactive map on their website! If this does not thrill you to your very core, then I pity your torpid soul. I learned about the map from reading a post, The Challenges and Rewards of Mapping the Natural Garden, on the Lurie Garden website. The post was …

July Stars of the Lurie Garden (2018)

There are certain plants that really define a garden at a given point in the season. This is certainly true of the Lurie Garden in July.

Longwood Gardens in October, Part II: The Meadow Garden

After experiencing the Flower Garden Walk we found ourselves at the entrance to the Meadow Garden. This included a bridge that traversed the narrow point in Hourglass Lake. We stopped to admire the reflections of the trees in the still water.

Can Naturalistic Landscapes Make Us Happy?

My son sent me a link to an interesting post by Chicago Magazine’s Whet Moser. The post deals with some current research on identifying the elements that make a park look more “natural” to most people. It was more the purpose than the results of this particular research that interested me. I’m not sure that anyone …