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Uncertain Future for Lurie Garden?

Red Poppies Lurie Garden

Last week Judy had to go downtown to get her second COVID shot (yay!) and while there decided to visit the Lurie Garden. What she found was a bit concerning, especially when combined with other developments at Lurie over the past several months. It appeared that no attempt had been made to start the spring …

Books for the Global Pandemic

Not books about the global pandemic, mind you. God forbid. Rather, books to get you through the unexpectedly substantial amounts of free time that some of us are experiencing lately. Here’s what I’ve been reading recently.

Night of the Living Mulch

So a little while back I came across this 2017 Washington Post article about using sedges (Carex) as a substitute for mulch.

Ecological Gardening Still Fashionable in Chicago

Millenium Park, which includes the Lurie Garden, has displaced Navy Pier as the top tourist attraction in the American Midwest (both are in Chicago). Today’s Chicago Tribune tells us that Millenium Park was visited by nearly 13 million people in the second half of 2016, while Navy Pier had 9 million visitors for the entire …

Wednesday at the Lurie with Piet

So last Wednesday I got to spend an hour walking through the Lurie Garden with Piet Oudolf and about 20 garden lovers. It was extremely, extremely cool. The unfortunate things were 1) Judy couldn’t come, as she was out of town for work; 2) I forgot her camera so I had to take pictures with …

Oudolf Documentary Close to Completion

Tonight I was able to attend a preview screening of a documentary about Piet  Oudolf. The screening was sponsored by the Lurie Garden (one of the gardens Oudolf helped to create) and attended by the director, Thomas Piper, as well as Oudolf himself. (Oudolf was in Chicago on one of his regular consultations with the …

Alliums of Lurie Garden – and a Giveaway!

Did you know that 2016 has been declared the Year of the Allium by the National Garden Bureau?  I didn’t either, until I was contacted by someone working with the online retailer Longfield Gardens (that’s Longfield, not Longwood).

Enhanced Nature on Display

The Toronto Botanical Garden was the last stop of the 2015 Garden Bloggers Fling (and this is my last post on that trip).

Piet Oudolf Goes to Burger King

OK, maybe Piet Oudolf didn’t design the landscaping around my local Burger King.

Piet Oudolf in Chicago

Last night Judy and I went to a lecture given by the noted author, plantsman and garden designer Piet Oudolf. The talk was sponsored by the Lurie Garden, which is appropriate because the Lurie was Oudolf’s first commission in North America. The presentation was an overview of his career starting with the creation of his …