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April Bloom Day

Happy Bloom Day! This is the first Bloom Day of the year I’m participating in, for the simple reason that it’s the first one where I have any blooms.

Late March Blooms at the Lurie Garden

Friday was one of those days that inspires people to ignore the calendar and don short sleeved shirts and the like. After a mostly wintry March it was most welcome, and so I took the opportunity to walk over to the Lurie Garden during my lunch break.

The Pinnacle of Tulip Season

In our garden, Tulip season is at its peak.

Mid-April Blooms

April had a rather wild mood swing during this past weekend. We transitioned abruptly from cold and surly to sunny warmth. Plants went from shivering in their foliage to galloping forward to catch up with the growing season.

Spring Whites

The weather has just taken a wintery turn here in Chicago. Arctic air has buckled southward, bringing cold and modest snowfall. For the moment there is a blanket of white that covers the ground. Snow provoked thoughts of white flowers, and how it shouldn’t be too long before they would brighten the garden. Considering white …

Tulipalooza and other May Flowers

Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day! For those of you who don’t know, GBBD occurs on the 15th of every month, giving garden bloggers everywhere an opportunity to show off their best blooms of the moment. It is hosted by Carol of May Dreams Gardens. The timing of May’s GBBD is very fortuitous as it occurs …

Tulips on Parade!

We are now right in the middle of tulip season. So many varieties to show you! Where to begin? Perhaps with the shy but charming Tulipa clusiana, also called Lady Tulip. I have two varieties of Lady Tulip, ‘Tubergen’s Gem’ and ‘Chrysantha’, and damned if I can tell them apart. They’re both really nice, though! …

More Early Tulips

In Chicago and other Northern lands, people tend to think of tulips as flowers of May. However, there are quite a few tulips that bloom in April. In my garden, the three earliest tulips are ‘Early Harvest’, T. praestans, and T. turkestanica. Of these, only T. turkestanica is still in flower. However two new tulips …

Daffodils Are Delightful, But Tulips Are Better

Let me stipulate that everything is beautiful in its own way, you can’t say one flower is better than another, and so on. However. Really you can say that some flowers are better than others, and when it comes to spring bulbs, Tulips are better than Daffodils. This isn’t just an opinion, it is backed …

Tulip Season Begins

Today I am a happy man, for the tulip season has begun in earnest in our garden. What, you say, tulip season in the middle of April? Yes, indeed. First, Tulipa kaufmanniana ‘Early Harvest’ has come into its own, blooming in both beds and containers. The no neck phase was just a period of awkward …