The garden is full of Wild Geranium (Geranium maculatum) seed pods these days.

Badly focused pic of Wild Geranium seed pods.

And remember how I said that Wild Geranium spreads via exploding seed pods that hurl the seeds several feet (with a good wind) from the mother plant?

So when my friend Jo ana came to help in the garden last week she took this very cool video of Geranium pods expelling their seeds. You can actually see the extremely tiny seeds flying away. She slowed it down a bit to make it more fun to watch.

Wild Geranium

Wild Geranium is a fine woodland native, and now it’s clear how it gets around so quickly.

57 Comments on “Holy Flying Geranium Seeds! (Video)”

  1. I love that video. It is so cool to see this. I planted a G. maculatum this summer. I can’t wait until I can try to see this action. It does have a few blooms but I don’t know when it will set seed. Maybe it will wait until next year. When ever it happens I hope to see it.

  2. What a neat video! Many gardeners talk about this one, but our natives, like Carolina geranium ( Geranium carolinianum) are quite different: tiny and self-effacing. If they do shoot their seeds about, I can’t imagine they’d go more than a couple of inches,since the flowers are only about a third of an inch across.

  3. Great post! Years ago, before my garden was as shady as it is now, I could grow a favorite wildflower, Drummond phlox (Phlox drummondii). They bloom in spring, set seed in June/July. I could hear the seeds explode into the world, as they spent blooms cast them out. It was a fun percussion in the garden.

  4. It’s fun isn’t it? Erodium Pelargoniflorun does this too and you can set off chain-reactions where a seed flung out of one pod hits another, that then bursts and those hit others and the whole thing cascades and suddenly you’re going to have a lot of self-seeded plants coming up shortly.

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