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Awkward Allies: Gardening And Chemotherapy

I’ve been undergoing chemotherapy of some kind since August of last year, shortly after I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. During that same period I’ve continued to be an avid, some would say fanatic, gardener, as I have been for about the last five decades of my life. The two things are linked in my …

June Arrives in the Shady Back Garden

Suddenly, it’s gone from a cool spring to a warm summer.

Garden Keeping Calm for the Moment

This is not one of those times when the garden is a riot of color. It is bursting with lushness and growth, true, but tranquil greens predominate. There are some blooms, but mainly in cool whites and lavenders.

Peonies And Fringe Trees

So I’ve got good Peony news and bad Peony news. I only got Peonies to begin with because Judy wanted some. But now I do like to having a few Peonies around.

The Thing About Peonies

I suspect that Peonies deliberately synchronize their flowering to coincide with gardeners’ trips away from home. Given that the average Peony plant has a very fleeting period of bloom, this means that many gardeners get to see the swelling buds of their Peony plants, followed by the bare seed heads.

Tulipalooza and other May Flowers

Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day! For those of you who don’t know, GBBD occurs on the 15th of every month, giving garden bloggers everywhere an opportunity to show off their best blooms of the moment. It is hosted by Carol of May Dreams Gardens. The timing of May’s GBBD is very fortuitous as it occurs …

Peony’s Progress

This is the fourth spring since I planted peonies in our garden. I didn’t really want to plant peonies, they didn’t fit in with my native/wildlife-friendly gardening ethos. Plus, let’s face it, they are the ultimate horticultural flash in the pan: blooming one day, gone the next. But Judy yearned for peonies, and I gave …

A Half-Hearted Dabbler In Peonies

There are many people who love peonies, and I respect their point of view. I am not one of them, however. Judy is, though, and that’s why we have peonies in the garden. As it is, we have four, all from Klehm’s Song Sparrow Farm in Illinois. There are three hybrids: ‘America’, ‘Abalone Pearl’, and …

A Garden Valentine

You can have year-round valentine gifts in the garden, you know. Take Judy and I. We’ve been married for almost 28 ¬†years. If you walk around the garden, you’ll see many valentines from me to her.   For example, there’s the Lilac on the east side of the house. There are many shrubs I prefer …