The Pinnacle of Tulip Season

In our garden, Tulip season is at its peak.


Our potted tulips provide a warm welcome to the front door.


While ‘Early Harvest’ and ‘Keizerskroon’ have faded, some of the Early Singles are still going strong. For example, ‘Couleur Cardinal’ above (first pot) and ‘Princess Irene’ (second pot). The third pot is ‘Annie Schilder’, a Triumph Tulip that blooms later than the Early Singles.


Here’s a closeup of a pot full of ‘Princess Irene’. I adore this Tulip.


Now here are some ‘Ballerina’, a Lily Flowered Tulip.


Some ‘Ballerina’ planted in a bed.


More ‘Ballerina’ (first pot), with ‘King’s Orange’ (second pot).



‘King’s Orange’ (left), ‘Couleur Cardinal’ (middle), and ‘Ballerina’ (right) backlit by the sun.


One of the nice things about growing Tulips in pots is that you can move them around as they come into bloom, then fade. This pot of ‘King’s Orange’ has taken over for the faded pot of ‘Keizerskroon’ that used to be here.


‘Kingsblood’ is the only Single Late Tulip I’ve got in a container. It’s nice, sure, but just a little dull compared to some of the others. I don’t think I’ll order it again for next year.


But let’s not forget the late season Species Tulips, like ‘Little Princess’.


Backlit by the afternoon sun.


And rose-magenta ‘Little Beauty’.


Tulipa clusiana is still blooming as well. Here Tulipa clusiana ‘Lady Jane’ is more open, taking on more of a candy cane look.

Are Tulips still blooming in your garden?


61 Comments on “The Pinnacle of Tulip Season”

  1. No – mine are almost completely over now, so lovely to enjoy yours! The potted tulips are, of course, gorgeous (especially Princess Irene & Couleur Cardinal), but I particularly enjoyed your little botanical tulips T.clusiana is a sweetie. Does it persist in the garden?

  2. Hi Jason, your tulips are all beautiful, I love hot colours at this time of year they look so zingy and welcoming. I grow Ballerina and despite a mini heatwave, now over and back to the more usual UK rain, they are still looking good.

  3. Gorgeous. Tulips are such fabulous plants, aren’t they? Here, ‘Ballerina’, ‘Queen of the Night’ and ‘Arjuna’ are still blooming but just on the point of fading and most of the others have gone over now. I’m making notes of more to buy for next year..!

  4. I think Lady Jane looks more like a radish flower. I have made radish flowers for parties. This is what they look like, only on a smaller scale of course. Love all of your tulips. So cheerful. I have none blooming now. I only have an early white tulip. It is finished for the season. My Irises are blooming up a storm now.

  5. No tulips in my garden. The rodents, which we have aplenty at the little house in the big woods, are too fond of the bulbs. So lovely to see yours, and if I lived in your neighborhood, then I would stroll daily by your house to look at your beautiful flowers.

  6. Gorgeous display. I do have a question though. How long have you had those tulips in the pot? Do you have a need to separate them from time to time as they increase and multiply? I have some Asiatic lilies in a pot, but I fear they may be getting too crowded now.

    • It’s new bulbs every year. A bit extravagant, but if we put them in the ground the squirrels get them, or they get lost or dug up amid the perennials, and they don’t come back well a second or third year anyhow. Jason may add more about it. I begged for tulips, which is how we got started on all this.

  7. You seem to be rather a tulip connoisseur Jason. I love them too especially the dwarf ones which come up every year and a few species types set seed and the clumps spread.
    In recent years I have extended my range to include intermediate size ones and on my sandy soil come up every year.. In a warm well drained sunny position they go from strength to strength.

  8. Lovely photos. I don’t do well with tulips because the wild rabbits always seem to get to the buds before they have a chance to bloom. I have only one small patch of tulips left which comes up every year and so far the rascals haven’t noticed it. Keep your fingers crossed!

  9. Your tulips are wonderful! I have made a note to look out for Princess Irene in the autumn. She is up there on my wishlist! The tulips are still strutting their stuff here. I am sitting at my desk and looking out at White Triumphator. I was at Blickling Hall this week. I went to see their English bluebell wood, and ‘strayed’ into the garden to feast my eyes on their wonderful tulips. It is no wonder that people bankrupted themselves over tulips, is it?

  10. Stunning, your pots are sensational, worth all that trouble of burying them. I am enjoying tulips too at the moment but I never have enough. If you plant them in the garden you need hundreds to make a decent display.

  11. Lovely! I see there was an orange them this year – very cheerful and great when the sun shines on them. Love that little species tulip Little Princess too. Most of my tulips have faded or dropped their petals now, with just a few later ones remaining scattered around.

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