More Early Tulips

In Chicago and other Northern lands, people tend to think of tulips as flowers of May.

'Keizerskroon' Tulip
‘Keizerskroon’ Tulip

However, there are quite a few tulips that bloom in April. In my garden, the three earliest tulips are ‘Early Harvest’, T. praestans, and T. turkestanica. Of these, only T. turkestanica is still in flower. However two new tulips have emerged to make up for any floral attrition.

'Keizerskroon' close up.
‘Keizerskroon’ close up.

‘Keizerskroon’ is a Single Early Tulip that dates back to 1750. It’s a dramatic tulip, with blood red flames on a yellow background.

DSC_0865 (3)

‘Keizerskroon’ is Dutch for ‘Emperor’s Crown’. The upwardly pointing triangular flames do seem to be joined at the base in order to form a crown.

My friend Julia described Tulipa dasystemon as looking like someone took a cookie cutter to an egg cooked sunny side up. This is a description I cannot improve upon.

Tulipa dasystemon
Tulipa dasystemon

T. dasystemon is just six or so inches tall and forms nice clumps. It seems to be looking skyward with optimism and eagerness. The leaves are long, straight, and pointy. This is a species tulip from the mountains of western China.

Watch this space for many more tulips coming soon!

What’s your favorite tulip blooming right now?

43 Comments on “More Early Tulips”

  1. Sadly Jason mine have finished, there are just a few that look OK as they die. The last to flower was a multi-headed purple one, I don’t have the name to hand right now. I’ll enjoy seeing yours while I’ve moved on to irises.

  2. I am sharing your blog link on a reflection post having completed the AtoZblogchallenge. A post of the 26 letters of the alphabet everyday but Sunday during the month of April. Siting your blog as an example of how it should be done. This blog is always great. Thanks.

  3. I love those T. dasystemon, I have a small clump and found they are reliable here too. Quite a fitting description I think. Species tulips are for me the way forward. Just removed another large clump of some that came up blind again!

  4. I love the colour and the crown on Emperor’s crown and I doubt anyone could improve on Julia’s description! I have Queen of the night blooming at the moment, I planted a hundred and last year they all came up, this year only 15 or so had blooms, the rest came up blind. I did leave them in the ground

  5. So nice to see some tulips out there, they look great. Mine just started opening up today and I hope they can last considering the weather is supposed to warm up next week. I love tulips and would plant many more if I could!

  6. Your friend Julia gave an apt description of T. dasystemon. That’s a really attractive tulip. My experiment forcing tulips indoors worked up to a point. It was well on its way and the tulips would have done fine but I got sidetracked with other projects and didn’t keep the water level constant. Gardening outdoors is much easier for me.

  7. Wow, you have some stunning tulips! I have a few here and there that the rabbits haven’t destroyed. I think I’m going to round them all up and surround them with Daffodils, and see if that helps. Those large-eared monsters with fangs have a special appetite for tulips and Asiatic and Oriental lilies. I have many of the latter, but they are safely caged away from the bunnies.

  8. We are ahead of you downstate; this year April has definitely been the month of tulips. In another week, the last of mine will probably be fading. Thanks for identifying the yellow species tulip–I really like these!

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