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Winter Kill

This might seem a little late for a post on plants lost to our last winter (an extraordinarily severe one). But sometimes you need more time to be really sure of your losses.

My Two Favorite Roses

My two favorite roses are blooming right now. ‘Cassie’ and ‘Sally Holmes’ are both shrub roses with fragrant white flowers. In our garden, they both keep their foliage disease free without sprays of any kind.  

Along Came a Spiderwort

Now comes mid-June, and the garden is still in something of a blue period, tranquil and calm – at least in the sunny front area.

Rose Report 2016

June is the month of roses at Garden in a City. Most notably, the shrub rose ‘Sally Holmes’ is having far and away her best year ever in the back garden. I have never seen her with so many flowers. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because I used chicken wire to keep the rabbits …

Shrub Rose ‘Cassie’ is a Flower Powerhouse

It’s October 20th, and everybody in the garden is winding down. Everybody but ‘Cassie’, that is. ‘Cassie’ is a medium-sized shrub rose that refuses to acknowledge the change of seasons. She just keeps pumping out small, semi-double white flowers. She even keeps the flower buds coming. All this while her canes fill with small orange …

A Quiet Autumn: GBBD, October 2013

Autumn seems to be pretty subdued in these parts. Very little foliage color, and fewer flowers than normal. My theory is that many of the flowers threw in the towel early because it has been pretty dry since the beginning of August. And the warm fall has kept the leaves green late into the season. …