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Random Notes From The Front Garden

Aside from the Jolly Yellow Giants, there are a few other goings on in the Front Garden.

The Lurie Garden in August

So yesterday Judy and I went to the Lurie Garden to see how things were progressing.

Euphoric Over Euphorbia?

No, not euphoric really, though I found it impossible to resist the double alliteration. But I am pleased that the Euphorbia corollata I planted about five years ago is finally establishing itself. This plant is native to Illinois and goes by the common names of Flowering Spurge or Prairie Baby’s Breath. I stick with the …

Mid-August Blooms, Part 2

OK, so here are the rest of our garden’s blooms taken this past Sunday.

Naming My New Border … We Have A Winner!

Back in early May I launched a contest to name the new border I have planted in the parkway where a maple recently died, creating a new sunny spot. Well, I am pleased to announce that we have a winner … the Lamppost Border, submitted by Sunil of Sunil’s Garden. Congratulations, Sunil! As promised, you …

More Garden Space for Me!

So I have some exciting news! You may remember last October I wrote about how the city forestry crew had taken down a dying maple on the parkway west of the driveway. It turns out the city will NOT be replacing that tree (something about too close to the driveway). This creates a new space …