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Reford Gardens Part II

Reford Gardens hosts an International Garden Festival, consisting of show gardens put together by artists and design teams from around the world. As the website says, the Festival is a “forum for innovation and experimentation.” The 2015 festival had 28 gardens that were on display from June through September.

Reford Gardens, Part I

After we reluctantly left Cap Chat, we headed back towards Montréal along the north coast of the Gaspé Peninsula. On the way we stopped at the Reford Gardens, also known as Les Jardins de Métis.

Wind and Water

So here are another two sites that we visited in Cap Chat.

A Hike in Gaspe National Park

Just a few miles south of Cap Chat is Quebec’s Gaspé National Park. The park is full of rugged beauty and two mountain ranges, the Chic-Choc and the McGerrigle (both excellent names that seem to promise high adventure, if you’ll pardon the pun).

Cap Chat, Quebec

Cap Chat is a village of fewer than 3,ooo people about midway up Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula. Judy and I spent five days there in early September.

Where We’ve Been

For the last few days, we’ve stayed at a cabin on the St. Lawrence. Here’s a view of the cabin. It’s the white one in the upper left – at the bottom of the hill. Just a few miles inland are the mountains of the Gaspe National Park, where Judy and I hiked to this …