Naming My New Border … We Have A Winner!

Back in early May I launched a contest to name the new border I have planted in the parkway where a maple recently died, creating a new sunny spot. Well, I am pleased to announce that we have a winner … the Lamppost Border, submitted by Sunil of Sunil’s Garden.

The newly planted Lamppost Border, back on May 2.
The newly planted Lamppost Border, back on May 2.

Congratulations, Sunil! As promised, you will receive the thanks of a grateful nation. Details are still being worked out as to which nation exactly it will be, but early indications point to either Lichtenstein or Krgyzstan.

Honorable mention goes to Prairie Parkway, submitted by Jackie Totsch, and Stumpy (because there’s a stump), submitted by Jeff Park Mom. They will receive the thanks of a grateful township or municipality, to be selected in a reasonably timely manner. I should also mention that Karen Boutall got very close with Lamppost Garden.

So, why the Lamppost Border? Well, I like names that are distinct and easy to remember, and this is the only border planted around a lamppost.

The Parkway Border on June 20th.
The Parkway Border on June 20th.

As to the border itself, here’s how it was looking in mid-June. Almost all the plants Β are settling in nicely. Though all the perennials were planted this spring, I have hopes that many will bloom their first year. In fact, the Blanket Flower ‘Arizona Sun’ (Gaillardia aristata) is already blooming.

Blanket Flower
Blanket Flower ‘Arizona Sun’

What, you say? Blanket Flower wasn’t on my original plant list? Well, they were left on my doorstep wrapped in a blanket (get it?) and what was I to do? I had to give them a home.

The one disappointment has been the Prairie Baby’s Breath (Euphorbia corollata). I waited a long time for it to emerge, and then suddenly – it was gone. The Demon Bunnies of Mordor are suspected.

‘Disco Red’ Marigolds (Tagetes patula) and ‘Profusion Fire’ Zinnias are filling in the space between the new perennials.

The stump makes a nice pedestal for a flowering container.
The stump makes a nice pedestal for a flowering container.

A flowering container deals with the stump issue, I feel, satisfactorily.

I have started to remove the strip of grass that ran down the middle of the border, following advice from Donna of Garden Walk, Garden Talk and Christina of My Hesperides Garden. I am, however, leaving a square of grass around the gas main cover and the strip along the street.

Another view
Another view

Now it so happens that I have come into possession of a couple of Little Bluestem ‘Carousel’ and ‘Jazz’ (Schizachyrium scoparium). (I really have to stop these strangers from leaving plants on my doorstep.) These I intend to plant in a little drift in the newly opened up space, because I really have no other place to put them. Will that look weird? I hope not.

Because this is a vignette of sorts, I am linking to the Wednesday Vignette meme at Flutter and Hum. Take a look, as this is a blog that always has something interesting to say.

47 Comments on “Naming My New Border … We Have A Winner!”

  1. I hate demon bunnies. I saw a firecracker plant at the garden center today and thought of you. :o) It’s amazing that you have plants just show up on your doorstep. Usually when that happens to me, it’s because I had too much to carry and left them there before I dropped them. Your plants look happy and healthy. It will be beautiful when it all fills in.

  2. Oh, I like that name… Lamppost Border. It feels good to say. I think I’m like you – I always feel the need to rescue plants that are given to me, but lately, I have started to give plants away too. It’s nice when you know they go to a good home! As for the voting, I am SO with you. Good grief – when are we going to deal with better access to mental health care, gun laws, racial profiling and the like…? Every time something like this happens, I hope it’s the last time, and every time I’m wrong. So sad for their pain. I seriously think if we raised a nation of gardeners, we would be a much more peaceful people. Maybe that’s what we need to do? Make it mandatory to care for something living from early years, on. Might not be a bad idea…

  3. Perhaps it was that evil, mythical Jackalope that you have encountered? Gaillardia is one of my favorite perennials. It grows wild in my home state…Texas. You can see whole fields of Indian blacket. Just beautiful! The little bluestem are going to look great once it all fills in. Wish I had a plant fairy who left me plants on my front step! ~Julie

  4. Thanks for the shout out and looking to “kill” that strip. All the more places to plant is your motto, no? Using a container on the stump is an idea they use a lot here, but I’ll give you another cool idea. Drill some large bit holes and scoop out planting pockets for plants like sedum. They grow great. I have stumps in my garden with them. If you are extra ambitious, bore out the center of the stump and plant some perennials. It looks really cool when done and growing . WP does not allow me to pop in photos or I would show how profession the stump looks when completed. The problem with containers is the tree service or city forester, whoever made your tree go away, never makes a level cut – unless you are like my neighbors who are out directing every cut of the blade.

  5. Congratulations to the christening of your new border. It already looks great and I love the colors and plants you chose.
    Strangers leave plants on my doorstep, but there’s usually a packing list and invoice accompanying them!

  6. Great name for the new garden bed. I really like the idea of planting around that lamppost and it is going to look stunning when it has all filled out. Your streetlights are so much more decorative than ours. We just have old tree trunks and the council has this terrible habit of using long-lasting herbicides and gravel at the base meaning it is almost impossible to get anything to grow near it.

  7. I like the new name, and the border is filling in nicely. I was partial to the suggestions for Prairie Parkway, but maybe you can use that if you decide to dig up another area nearby. The demon bunnies are getting so bad here,too, I may have to call in an exorcist.

  8. Great name! Kudos to Sunil for thinking of it and to you for recognizing brilliance when you saw it. And I’m sure the citizens of either Lichtenstein or Krgyzstan will be more than happy to be included. πŸ™‚

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