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Noerenberg Memorial Garden

So another Minneapolis-area spot that we discovered thanks to the Garden Bloggers Fling is the Noerenberg Memorial Garden.

Ten Favorite Stars for Sunny Gardens

In my last post I wrote about an article in the current issue of Gardens Illustrated called ‘100 Plants Every Gardener Should Grow’. While I took issue with the title, it has inspired me to do a much more modest list of my own. I want to stress up front that just because these plants …

Enhanced Nature on Display

The Toronto Botanical Garden was the last stop of the 2015 Garden Bloggers Fling (and this is my last post on that trip).

An Elevated Toronto Garden

OK then, let’s visit another of the gardens included in the Toronto Garden Bloggers Fling. This one was located on a bluff near Lake Ontario, northeast of downtown.

Foliage Follow-Up: July 2013 (Now With Elderberries!)

Foliage Follow-Up is a meme sponsored by Pam at Digging which highlights the importance of foliage, and also helps us avoid putting all our mid-month photos in the GBBD post. So, I got some real nice foliage for ya! First of all, you may remember how I cut back my Blue Star (Amsonia tabernaemontana) and …

Wordless Wednesday: From Summer to Winter I