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Night of the Living Mulch

So a little while back I came across this 2017 Washington Post article about using sedges (Carex) as a substitute for mulch.

Interview with Neil Diboll, Native Plant Pioneer

Neil Diboll is President of Prairie Nursery, one of the Midwest’s best known growers of native plants. He is an internationally recognized expert on topics related to native plants and sustainable garden and landscape design. ┬áNeil was nice enough to answer some questions I sent him, thus making possible Gardeninacity’s first interview. Question: Do you …

Drought, Deadly Nightshade, and a Happy Birthday

Yesterday we drove up to St. Paul, Minnesota, to celebrate my birthday with my younger son, my brother Richard, and his wife Diane. When we get to St. Paul, we like to take a little hike at Minnehaha Park, site of the waterfalls made famous, though never actually visited, by the poet Longfellow (“By the …