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Longwood Gardens in October, Part III – The Conservatory

The Longwood Gardens Conservatory is full of rewarding experiences for plant lovers. Like the rest of Longwood, it is so big it’s almost overwhelming. There are 5,500 kinds of plants housed in over four acres under glass. The scale, plants, and design combine to create the feel of an alternative reality.

Longwood Gardens in October, Part II: The Meadow Garden

After experiencing the Flower Garden Walk we found ourselves at the entrance to the Meadow Garden. This included a bridge that traversed the narrow point in Hourglass Lake. We stopped to admire the reflections of the trees in the still water.

Longwood Gardens in October, Part I

Yesterday Judy and I returned from a visit with our friends Carol and David, who live outside Baltimore. On the last day of our visit Carol drove us the 90 minutes to Longwood Gardens in southeast Pennsylvania. As we approached the visitor center I noticed some people planting bulbs. This is a sight that always …

From the Meadow Garden at Longwood Gardens

The Meadow Garden in late October. Flying home tomorrow. More after we return.