Amaryllis ‘Miracle’

One of my two Amaryllis ‘Miracle’ bulbs started blooming this week.

Amaryllis 'Miracle'
Amaryllis ‘Miracle’

And it’s a good thing, because I needed something that wasn’t on a computer screen to distract me from the dreary scene outside. The days have been not just short, but gloomy and overcast.

amaryllis 4  miracle

I ordered these Amaryllis from John Scheeper’s. ‘Miracle’ is a variety that blooms fairly early and on shorter stalks, though the flowers are not as gigantic as with some other varieties. It’s a deep red that looks nice and warm.

Amaryllis listing to the side.
Amaryllis listing to the side.

The second bulb seems intent on sending up its stalk diagonally. Not sure why this is, as it is oriented to the light the same as the first bulb.

I’ve always been confused by the difference between Amaryllis and Hippeastrum. The Scheeper’s catalog uses the terms interchangeably. According to Wikipedia, however, Amaryllis is a genus of plants from South Africa, while Hippeastrum are from South America. Linnaeus had at first put the two in the same genus.  ‘Miracle’ is derived from African bulbs.

Amaryllis 'Miracle'.
Amaryllis ‘Miracle’.

It occurs to me looking at these pictures that one or two Amaryllis really isn’t enough. I wonder if somewhere in the house there’s a wide vase that could hold three or more? or maybe a pot that Judy doesn’t use much?

I’m linking this post with Donna’s Seasonal Celebrations meme at Gardens Eye View.

Are you growing Amaryllis (or Hippeastrum) this holiday season?

42 Comments on “Amaryllis ‘Miracle’”

  1. You are a brave soul. We never had much luck with them and thus lost our motivation. I have a friend who keeps dozens and dozens over the year and will greet you at this time of year with a cascade of amaryliss coming down her stairs. Sorry, I don’t have a picture.

  2. How satisfying to have flowers already. I saw a new amaryllis, Blushing Bride, at our favorite breakfast spot this morning and thought it was one of the prettiest I’ve seen yet. So, this afternoon I was at the nursery pawing through the bins and came up with Apple Blossom and Stardust. I like your idea of three in a pot. Maybe next year?

  3. I am growing an Amaryllis this season but mine is nowhere near yours! Still a little sprout! I need a little something these days too as everything is just blah outside. At least with the snow last year it brought with it a festive feeling. Do show us if you decide to plant more! I think next year I need to plan to do a whole indoor vignette! Happy weekend to you Jason! Nicole

    • Red is such a powerful color, I wonder why it didn’t become the color of royalty instead of purple. Is it because it is the color of the blood that flows in Everyman? If the royals had taken up red, would the Socialists have adopted purple? That would have created problems with a lot of song lyrics.

  4. The one I am growing was started from seed and offered at one of our bloggers’ swaps. It has a long way to go before it reaches blooming size (if ever). It is tucked away with other experiments that are kept out of curiosity and not expected to move into the spotlight any time soon. The color of yours should go a long way toward brightening your days, especially on that cheery tablecloth.

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