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My Favorite Amaryllis This Year

So my favorite Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) this year is definitely ‘Picotee’. The bulbs are more expensive than most other Amaryllis, but I’d say they’re worth it.

A Cheering Winter Star

I was in need of a morale boost a couple of weeks ago, and soon the answer came to me: Amaryllis bulbs. Something I could order immediately, plant indoors, and enjoy while the garden was still a frozen wasteland. It was a little late to order Amaryllis – most varieties were sold out – but …

Amaryllis ‘Miracle’

One of my two Amaryllis ‘Miracle’ bulbs started blooming this week. And it’s a good thing, because I needed something that wasn’t on a computer screen to distract me from the dreary scene outside. The days have been not just short, but gloomy and overcast. I ordered these Amaryllis from John Scheeper’s. ‘Miracle’ is a …