Spring in Fast Forward

We’ve had several days with temperatures up in the 80s. On the plus side, the daffodils have begun their show. The forsythia and the spicebush are blooming. The spicebush is much more understated than the forsythia, though still lovely. Spicebush leaves have a lovely citrus scent when crusched, and I planted half a dozen because the red berries are supposed to be of very high value to the birds during fall migration. I just started getting berries last fall – hoping for a much bigger crop this year.

Purple crocuses in bloom.

Everything is leafing out, the crabapple, the lowbush blueberries, the roses … I can already see the flower buds on the crabapple; I think it will bloom no later than mid-April.

Forsythia in bloom.
Spicebush, the thinking person's forsythia



On the minus side, the snowdrops have dropped their flowers. The purple crocuses have bloomed and passed their peak within a few days, drooping with the unaccostomed heat.

I’ve taken advantage of the excellent weather by getting some garden work done. I’ve filled the containers with pansies and johnny jump ups. I’ve cut down the bridalwreath that sits close to where I intend to plant the flowering dogwood – a job that was easier than I expected.

I also re-dug some of the edging trenches, if that’s the right way to say it. I carted the soil so obtained over to the compost piles, and dumped it on the pile that is currently “maturing.”  And I made my first round of weeding this afternoon, mostly digging up dandelions, clumps of wild rye, and bits of grass infiltrating into the flower beds.

On the bird front, the robins, grackles, and redwing blackbirds are out in force. I’ve also seen wood thrushes and another kind of unidentified thrush scratching and hunting in the backyard. And I’m quite pleased with my sunflower chips – little mess, and they don’t get eaten up immediately.


2 Comments on “Spring in Fast Forward”

  1. March is typically a very wet month in coastal Washington. I tend to have big plans, but not much gets done, especially when the few nice days tend to happen during the school week.

    I was able to get outside today though, and it felt wonderful!

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