I Love Crocuses

I got back from a particularly grueling work trip on Friday to find the crocuses blooming their little hearts out. This truly gladdened my own heart, and my step became lighter as I carried my bags to the front door.

Yellow crocuses make me happy.

 I’ve loved crocuses since I was a little kid. It’s partly that they bloom so early, partly the bright colors and the way they glow in the sun. Sure, snowdrops bloom even earlier, but the understated and elegant white snowdrops cannot compete with the bright colors of crocuses that shout “Hey! Look at me!” just as the winter weather withdraws.

Crocuses glowing in the sunshine.

Spent some more time cutting down dead stalks of perennials this weekend. My new approach is: leave it all on the ground, it’s free mulch. This makes spring clean up much easier. As I worked, I noticed all the daffodils and species tulips sticking their noses up out of the dirt, the first signs of peonies emerging, the spicebush flowers looking like they were about ready to pop.

I also transplanted my dwarf and lowbush blueberries into new, larger containers. I’m growing them in containers because here in the limestone soil of the midwest it’s the easiest way to keep things sufficiently acidic. The blueberries looked fairly happy, lots of buds. Maybe we’ll actually get berries this year.

Snowdrops are understated but elegant and long lasting.
Lavender crocuses. Croci?

On a less positive note, I saw that some critter has bitten off  almost every single bud on one of my “Iroquois” black chokeberry, which I planted just last year. I’m hoping that won’t be a problem.

4 Comments on “I Love Crocuses”

  1. And while I’m here, love love your crocuses, snowdrops et al – I don’t have many in our current place but plan to get some going up north. Deer will be a problem, so may be more daffies and grape hyacinth…
    As for chokeberry, we had problems with bunnies pruning both that and the serviceberry, is the damage down low (or at the snow line?)

  2. Rabbits are also a problem with crocuses. And possibly squirrels. Occassionally somebody decapitates a whole bunch of them, which drives me crazy.

    We’re a little too urban for deer, though a few miles away that is not the case.

    The damage to the chokeberries isn’t just near the ground, which makes me wonder about birds. Once they get big enough losing some buds is not really an issue…

  3. For some reason, crocus don’t last more than a couple of years for me, drainage may be the issue. I do like them though as I have always associated them with Easter Eggs for some reason, similar shapes and colors maybe.

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