Memo to Flowers: Slow Down!

My pleasure in all the new spring flowers is diminished by the sense that spring will be over before I really get a chance to savor it. For example, my crabapple is thisclose to blooming. However, I have to go on a business trip tomorrow morning and won’t be back until Friday. I have a feeling it will bloom and pass its peak by the time I get back.

Also, it’s not even April 1st and already most of the backyard daffodils have faded. Fortunately, not all of them.

Nevertheless, I love how everything is leafing out. And I am really enjoying my species tulips, especially Tulipa praestans “Fusilier.”

I love species tulips. Just as beautiful, but much easier and long-lived.

And the serviceberries have come into bloom, and they are lovely as always.

Serviceberry blooms with red flower buds from the neighbors' crabapple.

With all this early blooming, I’m wondering if the flowers will be pollinated. My spicebush has bloomed and it doesn’t appear that many, if any, flowers will bear fruit. That would be very disappointing. Also on the Failure to Berry front, I have several gray dogwood that just refuse to flower and once again this spring they have no signs of flowering. I was thinking it must be lack of sun, but some other gray dogwood I have in even shadier locations bloomed last year and have the beginnings of blooms already this spring.

 On the other hand, I have some red elderberry in their second year that have formed flower heads – I can’t wait to see what birds they attract.

5 Comments on “Memo to Flowers: Slow Down!”

  1. By the time I looked at the thermometer at 7:30 this am, it was 20 degrees. And breezy. I don’t have enough blossom outdoors to be terribly affected, except for the forsythia. We’ll see if those just ready to bloom flowers survive, or will it be another spring of foliage alone.

  2. Species tulips – I have always wanted some, so loverly! Not much room in current garden. I’ll plant them in the northern garden when we get up there, but they will have to be protected from the deer. Or as one blogger said “furry white-tailed large-hoofed rats” (thank you ProfessorRoush at I love that image.

    Your garden is looking similar to ours – serviceberry is blooming, as is the sand cherry, buds on the lilacs…I am taking pix so we can keep track of this lovely but most-strange of springs. It will be interesting to see if this one is for the record books or the beginning of some new trend.

  3. We have skunks and possums, hawks and owls, but no deer – thank God. A little too urban where I live. I wonder the same thing about future weather patterns.

    I would love to have sand cherries, but my spouse forbids me to plant any more shrubs, unless they are replacements for existing plants.

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