Here is a discovery I made this year: Great Blue Lobelia (Lobelia siphilitica) can be planted in an outdoor container and left there all through a zone 5 winter. The following spring, it will wake up cheerful and raring to go.

Great Blue Lobelia in containers with Caladiums

The Great Blue Lobelia in our shady Back Garden seem to positively love this treatment. They have been thriving in their pots all year, reaching heights of 4-5′, and blooming profusely.

Great Blue Lobelia and Caladiums: another angle,

They are sharing the containers mainly with Caladiums. They make a nice combinations, I think.


I love the tall racemes of violet-blue flowers.


And so do the bumblebees. Though I’ve noticed that sometimes the bumblebees seem to struggle with squeezing between the upper and lower lips of the flowers.


Instead they try to gain entry from the side, or at least that’s what it looks like they are doing.


More slender native beeย  species, on the other hand, can crawl in and out with apparent ease. If you enjoy bee-watching, Great Blue Lobelia can provide lots of entertainment. Hummingbirds are also drawn to this plant.


And another thing: the Great Blue Lobelia is self-sowing into a part of the Back Garden that I’m allowing to grow wild into a sort of shady glade. Not what I had expected but not a bad thing either.

As with so many other plants, Great Blue Lobelia seems to have a mind of its own as to where it will be happy.

18 Comments on “Blue Lobelia Happily Overwinters in Pots”

  1. I like your Great Blue Lobelia however your description of it having a mind of its own reminds me of a few plants in my garden that are taking over .. just this morning I cut back a blue Salvia (African Sky) … looks lovely and flowers about 9 months of the year but is now taking over all the spring flowers and it sure does have a mind if itโ€™s own!

  2. I have this growing in my garden too but in the ground. What kind of pots do you use to leave out all year? I have seen bumble bees make a side entrance to deep hosta blooms. Then the hummingbirds come along and use the hole the bees make too. Team work. ha…

  3. I love the plants you use in your garden, especially these tall ones. I had only heard of Lobelia erinus – for borders and hanging baskets. In addition, it is very hard to find plants that will be happy in the shade. I fear this would not survive in my dry garden but I would love to try it in a big container in the spring. Amelia

  4. Such a beautiful colour! The plant itself looks very attractive too.
    We have only the Lobelia erinus (an annual in the pots) and, as I have now learnt, the aquatic Lobelia dortmanna on sandy lake-shores. ๐Ÿ™‚
    The comments are very interesting too. I wonder how it would feel to live in an area where a flower blooms for 9 months a year. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Stay safe and well!

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