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Winter Kill

This might seem a little late for a post on plants lost to our last winter (an extraordinarily severe one). But sometimes you need more time to be really sure of your losses.

Goats’ Beards and Frilly Flowers

Aside from ‘Sally Holmes’ (already written about here), there are at this moment two flowering plants in the back garden that are likely to grab your attention.

Back Garden Notes

Time to Dig the Alliums In the back garden there is a patch of Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ (Allium aflatunense) that has expanded substantially over time but that is also getting rather too congested. A sign of this is the thick growth of Allium foliage but fewer actual flowers than we saw last year. When they …

Garden Blogger Bloom Day: June 2013

I’m late with this post for some very legitimate reasons. It rained most of the day yesterday so photography was not an option. When it finally cleared, we were due to leave for Judy’s brother’s house for what turned out to be a wonderful dinner. Judy did take a few rushed shots but we didn’t …