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Hungry Goldfinches on a Snowy Day

We’ve had lots of Goldfinches this winter, more than in recent years. They’re all over our two nyjer seed feeders.

Buttoning Up the Garden

This past weekend it finally started to feel like November, with a sort of raw gray cold settling in. I realized that the available time for winter preparations was slipping away.

November Snow

Well, that was fast. If I remember correctly, in the last several posts I’ve written about our mild autumn, how the seasons seem to be lingering, etc. But that was then, and this is now. I had today off due to the holiday. It had been raining gently pretty much all day, which is a …

5 Reasons To Be Grateful We Are Not Having An Early Spring

Mother Nature is a tease. Since early February here in Chicago, we have several times been granted a couple of lovely mild days. The snow would melt. Us gardeners would tentatively venture out to sniff the air and perhaps prune a shrub or two. We would start to think – this is it, we’re having …

The Bird Jacuzzi: Who Says it’s Ridiculous?

Notwithstanding climate change, we can have some pretty harsh winters here in the Chicago area. During these winters, birds find fresh water even harder to come by than food. And that’s why I bought my heated bird bath from Wild Birds Unlimited, or as I call it, the Bird Jacuzzi. I just recently set up …