November Snow

Well, that was fast. If I remember correctly, in the last several posts I’ve written about our mild autumn, how the seasons seem to be lingering, etc. But that was then, and this is now.

Spicebush, November Snow
Spicebush stems outlined in snow outside our back porch

I had today off due to the holiday. It had been raining gently pretty much all day, which is a good thing as you don’t want the plants to head into winter with dry soil. Then in the mid-afternoon the rain turned to snow.

This seemed like a good time to head to the Wild Birds Unlimited store to stock up on plain suet as well as nyjer and sunflower seed. The snow snarled traffic so it was a couple of hours before I returned.

At that point, the snow had stopped but had left everything covered with a thin blanket of white. The temperature is below freezing and is supposed to stay that way for the next day or two so the snow will be with us for a bit.

Unfortunately, Judy is gone on a weeklong business trip so she is not here to take pictures. By the time she returns the snow is likely to be gone. I took these pictures with my phone.

November snow
The arbor leading into the back garden. We have one of those outside lights set off by motion detectors. The leaves on ‘Darlow’s Enigma’ and many other plants are still green.

When I got home it was dark. Don’t you hate these short days? Even so, I decided I had to perform two emergency tasks which I had been putting off.

Mourning Dove Heated Bird Bath
Mourning Dove at the heated bird bath during last year’s winter

First, I set up the heated bird bath, which I refer to as the Bird Jacuzzi. Now the birds won’t have to eat snow for hydration when they get up in the morning.

Also, we have a small concrete fountain. I’m always worried that it will develop cracks over winter. So I removed the pump, turned the base upside down, and covered it with a tarp secured with bricks.

Next week is supposed to be much warmer, so today winter just left a calling card. It is not settling in just yet. Even so, the change feels awfully abrupt.

Do you feel winter drawing near where you live?

53 Comments on “November Snow”

  1. It’s always amazing how different things feel during/after snow. I bet Judy will be sad to miss out on the photo op. We are still having mild weather (mostly in the 50’s), with no sign of frost or snow in sight. Sigh…I’d love to get at least one good snowstorm this year…but that’s probably not going to happen. I’ll settle for a good hoar frost if it comes to that 😉 Have some hot cocoa and stay warm 🙂

  2. I was intrigued by your mention of Darlow’s enigma, so, of course, googled. Always looking for a rose that can make do with less than full sun. Caught an interesting comment on pruning from the Antique Roses Forum and thought you might like it.

    “Good grief. Pruning this rose is an exercise in masochism! Seriously, all I wanted to do was remove winter damage and shorten some of the canes that are trying to climb onto the second story deck.
    And I did wear long sleeves and leather gloves.
    He yanked out my barrette, pulled off my glasses and hooked me by the back of my jacket.
    But he does look neater today. Not repentant, just neater.”

    That’s so cute. I gotta get one.

  3. Abrupt indeed! We went to a little burger place with the beans and boy was it cold getting them in and out of the car! The snow was beautiful in the trees! And I so got a kick out of your jacuzzi for the birds! They have the life in your garden!!!

  4. I prefer not to say the “W” word. I don’t care for “S” either, but until I lived in Mississippi I had always had the stuff every winter. Now, I will be in it again. Oh well, life goes on, despite all the “F’s” and “S’s” all “W” long. Great post, by the way!

  5. Jason, you have snow, wow. I hate dark days and snow and cold! But all these we’ll have soon here as well.
    I’m glad to visit your interesting blog now because of your WordPress didn’t work and didn’t open since october. Finally I can read your posts. Have a nice week!

  6. The weaterforecast says mild fall with temperatures above zero. No snow yet, only a little frost. But the days are getting shorter, and it gets dark early.
    I hope the snow will wait until just before christmas 🙂 By the way, the tree with the orange/pink fruits is a Euonymus Europaeus, with very nice fall colours.

  7. Yes, that was fast and sometimes it is hard to get the mind to follow so quickly, especially if Winter is not a favorite season. Not cold here yet but by Monday the high is supposed to be what the low was last night. So Winter is coming and I hope to heck we get snow, lots of it. We need it so much!

  8. We’re preparing for our first hard freeze tonight. It may snow lightly, which at this time of year would be unheard-of for central NC. The first time I ever saw snow before Thanksgiving was the first winter I lived in Chicago. It snowed then, and on my birthday in April. And plenty in between. 🙂

  9. Ups, quite a surprise your winter scene, Jason, but I guess it won’t last. How does the heated birdbath work? Is it expensive to heat? The trees are still full of mostly green leaves and it has turned very mild again. We’ve had no frost so far, this usually comes in December for the first time. The worst months for winter weather are January and February so we’re still safe ;).

  10. The snow is so pretty isn’t it! We just got our first too. I have a heated bird bath Jacuzzi on my christmas list. At first I thought that it was the funniest sounding thing to have, but the birds still need water to drink in the winter. Good on you for helping them out!

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