Tag: Hardscape

New Driveway is Done

So the new driveway is done. It’s an improvement. I failed to take a “before” picture and even looked for an older photo without success. Among the thousands of pictures we’ve taken of the front garden there was  not a single one that showed what the driveway looked like. That in itself should tell you …

And The Walls Came Tumbling Down

Not walls exactly, just one of the sides of the Driveway Border. When the snow melted this spring, it revealed that a bunch of the pavers used to create this border had fallen over.

We Have a New Patio! Plus Some Tree News

For the last seven years or so, we have not had a patio. The old patio disappeared when we rebuilt an expanded back porch. Since then, we’ve been keeping our limited collection of outdoor furniture on the grass. This had several disadvantages. First, heavier members of our family (I mention no names) would find themselves …