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Weekend Garden Notes: Bowman’s Root, Allium, Fringe Tree

Last fall I added another three Bowman’s Root (Porteranthus trifoliatus) to the raised bed in the shady Back Garden and I really like how they are filling in and flowering more profusely.

‘Purple Sensation’ really is sensational

Maybe you’re tired of me talking about my Alliums every spring and summer. But I have something new to say about ‘Purple Sensation’ that you can’t say about every Allium.

The Calm After the Tulips

In our garden, at least, the Tulips in their season are star performers, adding a zingy drama to the area in front of the house.

Some Garden Highlights of 2018, January to May

As I recall, winter was in no hurry to depart this year, and spring was tardy in arriving.

Spring Onions and Geraniums Gone Wild

These days if you walk by our house the first thing to strike your eye will be the ‘Globemaster’ Alliums blooming in the Parkway Bed.

How Do You Like Them Onions?

More specifically, Alliums – which is to say, ornamental onions.

Spring Onions

There are three patches of spring-blooming ornamental onions, or Alliums, in our garden.

The Beautiful Onions of Spring

The genus Allium includes onions, garlic, leeks, scallions, and several dozen ornamental species. All Alliums are alliaceous, which is an excellent word you can hold onto for occasions when you want to impress others with your botanical knowledge. It means they smell like onions. In our garden we have two ornamental Alliums that bloom in …

Weekend Notes from the Front Garden

Does a late spring mean shorter plants? For example, consider my golden Alexander (Zizia aurea). Normally I have to cut this perennial back in mid-May and even then it requires some staking. Supposedly it grows to only 3′ but in my garden borders it easily surpasses 4′. This year, however, Alex seems to be topping …

End of Month View: May 2013

It’s been a very long day so I am just going to post some photos of various parts of the garden at the end of May. These pictures were actually taken on Sunday, but close enough.¬†First, the driveway raised bed. The foundation bed at the front of the house. View from behind the sidewalk bed. …