Last fall I added another three Bowman’s Root (Porteranthus trifoliatus) to the raised bed in the shady Back Garden and I really like how they are filling in and flowering more profusely.

Bowman’s Root

Love the irregular star-shaped flowers, the mahogany stems, and the fall color.

I like how this plant has quickly filled in – two are two years old, three were planted last fall.
Bowman’s Root Flowers

Very glad I added more to this bed. Not a plant that makes a big impact from a distance but it is charming up close. Attracts native bees. Native to Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan, as well as parts of Canada and the American South.

‘Globemaster’ Allium bulbs after dividing.

In other news, Judy and I finally lifted the ‘Globemaster’ Allium bulbs. After planting 5 bulbs over ten years ago, we dug up more than 50 bulbs today (many quite small), and we probably left a bunch in the ground. Lifting the bulbs was harder than expected as there was a tree root growing right through the middle of the patch.

‘Globemaster’ reproduces by offsets only, the flowers are sterile. We replanted the largest five bulbs, enriching the soil with leaf mold. The remainder we will give away to friends and neighbors. It will be interesting to see how the replanted bulbs will perform.

Fringe Tree flowers

We’re starting a heat wave today, with temperatures reaching 90 degrees F through the weekend. This should bring the end of the season for our Fringe Tree (Chionanthus virginianus) flowers, which usually last longer into June.

Fringe Tree

This is absolutely one of my favorite small trees. Another Illinois native that attracts native bees. I wish now I had planted one or two in the Back Garden. I wonder why it isn’t more common in this area.

With this current heat wave it feels that summer has at least unofficially begun. I’ll be back soon with news of herbs, flowering containers, Allliums, nesting birds, and much more.

45 Comments on “Weekend Garden Notes: Bowman’s Root, Allium, Fringe Tree”

  1. You have so many beautiful native plants. So many are regarded as garden species over here where they have been brought. I love the Fringe tree, it is not supposed to grow so tall in France but it likes acid, humid soil, which I cannot give it. Amelia

  2. Every time I read about Bowmans root I kick myself for not having it in my garden. It is such a beautiful plant, especially when it is blooming.
    The fringe tree is another tree i admire. I don’t know why I don’t have one.
    I am going to have to remedy that situation.
    Love almost any allium. The globe master hasn’t done so well in my garden. Maybe I need to dig them up and separate them and enrich the soil they are in.

  3. I love fringe trees. The one in my back garden has succumbed to what the arborist told me was the emerald ash borer?! I plan to replace it as you note, it is one of the most attractive native late spring flowering trees.
    The Bowman’s root is charming.

  4. So glad to know you are liking the bowman’s root. I just bought three last week and have them in. I has hesitated because of the small flowers but then saw them at Mt. Cuba planted in a small mass and they were gorgeous. I also love the fringe tree! I’m always amazed at the similarity of our plant choices.

  5. The Fringe Tree really is pretty. Will be interesting to see how your Globemaster alliums do next year. I have never planted any simply beacuse the price of each bulb put me off, but if they multiply that well it would be worth investing.

  6. I think it is fringe tree growing in one of the edges near the river walk here. I will have to look at that tree much more closely –it is really lovely. Those little star flowers are darling –so delicate and pretty.

  7. The Fringe Tree looks so slender, airy, delicate and fragile I can’t imagine it managing to stay upright with snow on it. I bet it’s one of those plants that look like it could fall over any minute, but is as tough and hardy as old boots.

  8. I miss my Bowman’s Root.. I had 2 and some how I must have mistreated them and they left home ? LOL
    I love my Fringe tree and I count my lucky stars I have it because they are difficult to find for some reason.
    I think I had Globemaster at one point but I became so enamored with Purple Sensation they were all I wanted !
    I think summer starts earlier every year now with climate change .. we have had little to no rain on top of the heat … I can’t wait for Autumn already !

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