End of Month View: May 2013

It’s been a very long day so I am just going to post some photos of various parts of the garden at the end of May. These pictures were actually taken on Sunday, but close enough. First, the driveway raised bed.

Tulips and Celandine Poppies are done. Nepeta and random pansies and johnny jump ups are blooming, other plants are preparing for their moment in the spotlight.

The foundation bed at the front of the house.

Ostrich Ferns
Bleeding Hearts are done flowering, but the foliage is still nice. Columbine and Golden Alexander bloom, and Ostrich Ferns stretch to reach their full height

View from behind the sidewalk bed.

Golden Alexander
Standing behind the sidewalk bed. There is a drift of Golden Alexander, with Allium on the other side of the sidewalk. White Wild Geranium are also blooming. Wild Bergamot and Bee Balm are getting ready to assert themselves.

View from the street.

Golden Alexander
More Golden Alexander blooming along the street in the parkway bed.

The east side bed.

Red Elderberry.
Columbine, Wild Geranium, and Woodland Phlox are in bloom. The Red Elderberry are full of unripe green berries. A young lilac at the far end is also blooming.

The spicebush bed and steps to the back porch.

The Spicebush are underplanted with Wild Geranium and Celandine Poppy. Nepeta ‘Kitkat’ blooms along the edge of the bed. Containers are filled with pansies.

Looking back toward the thicket corner.

Amsonia blooms in the back raised bed, and the Wild Currant are full of dangling chartreuse flowers.

This isn’t everything, but it includes most of the beds. Thanks to Helen at the Patient Gardener’s Weblog for hosting this meme.

36 Comments on “End of Month View: May 2013”

  1. Hi Jason, I love that Golden Alexander ‘clumps’ you have here and there and the part I like best is the spicebush bed: I love the porch (it is something we don’t build here in Italy and I love it), the steps with pots and that corner is just very elegant.

  2. Jason what a delight to see your garden looking so good. Your front driveway/entrance is beautiful. I like how you have a row of Nepeta. I’m not a fan of lavender but do like the effect. This could be something I’d consider doing in my own front garden. Thank you for the inspiration! I’m sure when I get round to it, my cats will thank you too 😉

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