A Pollinator Paradise

Rhonda Fleming Hayes is the author of Pollinator Friendly Gardening, and we were able to visit her Minneapolis garden on the first morning of the fling.


As if to provide testimony in support of her expertise, the garden was full of buzzing and fluttering creatures. Here’s a Red Admiral Butterfly on some Liatris.


Like any conscientious author, Rhonda had copies of her books for sale. And of course I had to buy one.


Her front garden is cleverly designed. Just enough lawn to suggest conventionality, accompanied by borders packed with plants.


Lush but not out of control. Sorry we were too late to see the poppies in bloom. The sun and shadow made photography out front a bit challenging.


Anyway, the most wonderful part of the garden was on the side of the house. Here were raised beds and containers overflowing with herbs and vegetables accompanied by annual and perennial flowers. The raised beds were constructed rust-colored steel.


Abundant cherry tomatoes in a container with white petunias.


Cucumbers and cabbage and cosmos, oh my!


How fortunate that so many herbs, like the dill above, have beautiful flowers that are pollinator favorites.


Or this blue Borage, which looks so good with the pink Yarrow.


And room was made for this wonderful water feature.


We visited one other garden on that first morning of the fling (we saw a lot of gardens, didn’t we?). This was the garden of Donna Hamilton, who until very recently was a designer and producer of handmade Christmas ornaments.


There was an unmistakable warmth and softness to this tiny garden. Paths of wood chips divided rectangular gardens overflowing with flowers and foliage.


A place to sit and take it all in, while surrounded by flowers.

So much more from the Minneapolis fling still to come.

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