Do you know about Botanical Interests? If not, you should – especially if you like to start flowers and vegetables from seed. This seed company has over 600 items to choose from, with a strong emphasis on heirloom and organic varieties.


Botanical Interests was also an active and generous sponsor of the 2019 Garden Bloggers Fling.

bot interest cat
They have a fun catalog. 

In fact the flingers were invited to visit the Botanical Interests facility in Broomfield, a few miles outside Denver.

Curtis Jones explaining seed packet design. 

As it was a Saturday, things were quiet. We were divided into two groups, each led by either Judy Seaborn or Curtis Jones, the husband-and-wife team who run the company. The two started Botanical Interests out of their home in 1995.


That’s a lot of boxes.


Did I mention the 600 varieties?


The Botanical Interests seed packets are miniature works of art.


Lots of high tech equipment for counting, sorting, and testing seeds.


On our way out we noticed that the border of the parking lot was planted with seeds carried by the company.

Many thanks to Botanical Interests owners Judy Seaborn and Curtis Jones for their support of the Garden Bloggers Fling, and for letting us see their business from the inside.

23 Comments on “Good Source of Seeds for People with Botanical Interests”

  1. Thanks for this, what a great source! I happen to be about to begin reading Emily Dickinson’s Gardening Life by Marta McDowell, published in 2019. It looks like it will be good, and it is beautifully illustrated. I mention it because I could see it as a great holiday gift perfect for some of your readers.

  2. I found two packets that would do nicely here — native, attracts pollinators — and may order some of the Prairie Splendor Flower Mix for a friend as a Christmas gift. I don’t think I’ll have enough sun on my patio even for them in pots, but it would be worth the experiment anyway. I’ll see how much sun I get once we’re at the spring equinox.

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