I realize that I recently wrote about our Peony ‘Snow Swan’, but now that it is coming into full bloom I felt compelled to do a little brag post with more pictures. Also I have a few more bits of information to share about this Peony cultivar.

Peony ‘Snow Swan’

As I think was already mentioned, this is ‘Snow Swan’s’ best year ever. Sitting on a sunny corner of the Parkway Bed, it is a favorite with passing dogwalkers and parents with young children. Some people, including Judy, claim it is mildly fragrant. But I myself cannot detect any scent.

This is actually two plants. The one facing west starts blooming first.

‘Snow Swan’ was developed by Song Sparrow Nursery in Wisconsin. Sadly, they went out of business last year. I don’t know of any retailers who are selling it these days.

‘Snow Swan’ and Yellow Wild Indigo

This year I realized that Yellow Wild Indigo (Baptisia sphaerocarpa) makes a nice companion for ‘Snow Swan’. The yellow flowers nicely complement the golden centers of the Peony. The Baptisia was an impulse purchase and I planted it too close to ‘Snow Swan’, which may create problems in the future. But for now I like how these two look together.

For me this Peony’s simple, creamy-white blooms with golden centers are irresistible. With Song Sparrow out of business, I hope it doesn’t disappear from the marketplace. Regardless, it will continue to be my favorite Peony.

51 Comments on “A Short Brag Post On Peony ‘Snow Swan’”

  1. That is one gorgeous peony ! And what a beautiful match with that baptisia .. I swear our subconscious directs some of our plantings because such happy accidents can’t always be accidents !
    I am waiting for my one and only peony (now) .. Green Lotus .. I have lots of buds but the true test is how well they open and how well I can take photos of the flowers. We have been so dry here it has been hard on the plants. Rain is forecasted for tonight and most of tomorrow so I hope it doesn’t beat down the buds too much.
    In any case .. this is a well deserved brag posting Jason !

  2. The peony is gorgeous; the simple yellow and white color scheme reminds me of our Macartney Rose (invasive) and the white prickly poppy (native). It’s interesting to see another of our natives in your garden. In mid-to-late spring, the yellow wild indigo fills our pastures, together with Baptisia bracteata.

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