Ferns, Phlox, and Fountain

This is one of the busiest weeks of the year at work, so I’m doing another short post.

Fountain and ferns.
Fountain and ferns.

First of all, I wanted to show you a picture of our new fountain, all settled in and with the Cinnamon Ferns (Osmundastrum cinnamomea) growing up around it. The birds seem quite happy with this new source of water. However, you may notice that my attempts to make the fountain level have failed. Some time this summer I will attempt to move the fountain onto a large paver which (I hope) will be easier to keep level.

Fountain with Phlox and Brunnera in bloom.
Fountain with Phlox and Brunnera in bloom.

At the base of the fountain there is a clump of Woodland Phlox (Phlox divaritica) and the last flowers of the Heartleaf Brunnera (Brunnera macrophylla). These keep the color going now that the Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginica) are done.

Woodland Phlox
Woodland Phlox

Speaking of Woodland Phlox, this is a plant I have almost given up on because rabbits find it so delectable. Most of the Phlox I have planted has been turned into bunny chow. As a result, I currently have only a few small, scattered clumps. I’m sorry, but the heartache is too much for me. Under some circumstances it may be better to have loved and lost, etc., but not when rabbits are eating your phlox.

Still, I do enjoy the clumps that are currently blooming.

48 Comments on “Ferns, Phlox, and Fountain”

  1. Oh my. I have thought Iwould like to get some woodland phlox going in my garden but I do have rabbits in the garden. Maybe I should not try that. I don’t like the feeling that I want to kill the bunnies due to eating my garden. I guess I shouldn’t tempt them. That blue color is fantastic though. Nice bird bath.

  2. I want a fountain now too! I wouldn’t have noticed the slant had you not mentioned it, I guess we’re always our worst critic.
    Too bad about the phlox. The bunnies around here are extremely lazy, and if I stick a few twigs into the ground around the plant they don’t bother sticking their noses through to nibble. Of course then you see twigs in front of your phlox….

  3. Urbus in Horto, thanks for sharing: Have a stone birdbath in our flower bed: used crushed limestone, river rocks, pea gravel, paver stones, etc. Never quite achieve desired level or balance. Close enough for the birds. They (the aves, the tiny ones) also take a dip in the dog’s water bowl. Enjoy the rain today.

  4. Your fountain looks wonderful sitting amongst the ferns and Phlox. I cannot grow Phlox divaritica with or without bunnies, but I share your pain. They have just ring barked my new Magnolia Elizabeth so they are public enemy number one here.

  5. How quickly your fountain has naturalized! Y’know….I’d leave it as is, it looks so lovely and is obviously still great for the birds…..oh…..I feel your pain re the bunnies……my dogs smash everything up and it hurts!xxx

  6. Good luck with work Jason! Your fountain looks beautiful nestled among those ferns!! And I hear you on rabbit chow….I have been using granulated garlic and spreading that around plants that they have been eating…foam flower for me and my coneflowers. It has been working so far. Your vignette up there is gorgeous! Have a great weekend! Nicole

  7. Beautiful, as always, Jason! I keep finding bunnies in my front garden so the odds that I will wake up one day to a decimated garden are high. It would be so much more convenient if they’d eat the grass, instead. We’d never have to mow.

  8. I have been building up soil in a new planting area to make a kind of woodland garden mostly because I really really want to grow Phlox divaritica. I think it is So beautiful. I love your arrangement. I hope you don;t mind if I copy you. The brunnera looks great juxtaposed.

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