So our garden’s tulips really are at their peak now, and I can’t let the moment go without one more post.


The Lily-flowered Tulip ‘Ballerina’ is really the star of the moment.

Tulip ‘Ballerina’

I love the shape and the glowing orange color overlaid with scarlet.



The way it catches the afternoon light is just luminous. It’s so luminous that I looked up synonyms to see if there was a better word (something that would imply “super luminous”) but I couldn’t find one.


Here’s a picture from the other side of the Driveway Border that also catches the little pocket of Tulips I planted on the other side of the path.


‘Couleur Cardinal’, to the upper right above, is a nice companion with its deeper red brushed with purple. And the little ‘Hawera’ Narcissi still make a nice underplanting.


The yellow base inside ‘Couleur Cardinal’ makes a nice surprise.


‘Helmar’ is still looking very good, stretching to a greater height as the big red ‘Parade’ drops its petals and marches off into retirement.


I shouldn’t end without a nod toward two of the later-blooming Species Tulips, varieties of T. clusiana: ‘Lady Jane’ in red and white and T. clusiana ‘Tubergen’s Gem’ in red and yellow. ‘Tubergen’s Gem’ is one of Judy’s favorites, so I’ll plant some more in the fall.

This new Tulip planting almost justifies the pain of sewer repair, I must say. How is your Tulip season winding up?

39 Comments on “Wait! Just a Few More Tulips!”

  1. My tulip season just got a whole lot better, thanks to your photos. I kept thinking, “That’s my favorite!” Then, I’d see the next photo and go, “Ummmm… maybe this one.” They are beautiful. I especially like “Helmar.”

  2. They really do make a good show Jason. Mine are all over now, but I am already making and constantly revising my wishlist for next year, despite losing so many to mice. I will not be deterred! Thanks for sharing these glowing photos!

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Glad you shared these lovely flowers. I use to grow a lot of tulips when I lived in Arizona and had great luck. Here in Arkansas the clay soil does not produce the results I would like. Many tries and most of the tulips just seemed to die – so I went to daffodils, which do very well here.

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