When One Door Closes … and Happy Holidays!

You may remember how for years I’ve been saying that we needed to replace our front screen door, which was perfect for giving people the impression that our house was abandoned. Actually, the whole door needed replacing, as it was designed to ensure that refreshing blasts of arctic air kept the indoors from getting too stuffy.

Our new door.

Well, we have overcome our inertia and finally replaced the front door. The screen door is still to come. I would have preferred a blue or yellow door, but Judy vetoed those options. However, I do think that this light green is an improvement on the foreboding dark green of our old door.

Which raises the question: what to do with the old door? In my mind, its presence invokes the Rule of Garden Art, which maintains that any old object you are about to throw away has potential as an outdoor objet d’art, especially if it’s very heavy.

I kind of like the idea of putting a door somewhere that mixes up the ideas of inside and outside. Ideally, it would have a door frame and could actually be opened, but that is not to be.

So I’ve been dragging the old door around to see if it might become a relatively permanent feature of the back garden.

Needs to be straightened, obviously.

I’ve tried it against the back wall of the garage.

IMG_0052 (1)

I’ve tried it against the alley fence.

Now, wherever it ends up I will have to figure out a way to keep it upright. And then there’s the question of whether I should grow anything on it.

Judy, I have to report, is skeptical. She fears it will just look like junk that I was too lazy to haul out to the trash. What do you think?

On another topic, I should mention that tomorrow we are driving to Minnesota where we have rented a cabin that is supposed to have a view of the Mississippi River. We’re looking forward to a quiet week with our boys (plus one girlfriend), with lots of reading, cooking, eating, and game playing. The weather is supposed to be frigid, so I’m not sure how much we’ll get outside, though this is supposed to be a good location for spotting eagles.

I’m sure I’ll do a couple of posts sooner or later to tell you about it.

In the meantime, happy holidays to everyone!

70 Comments on “When One Door Closes … and Happy Holidays!”

  1. I’m wishing you all lovely holidays and safe travels!

    @ the door – if upright, framed & slightly ajar with a Welcome sign on one side & a Watch Your Step sign on the other, it would be an interesting if quirky bit of yard art.

  2. Sounds like you have a lovely week ahead-enjoy! Love your new door (listen to Judy on color…)! As for the old door, don’t make any decisions, mull it over for a while (like this next week!) and you’ll come up with something.

  3. Don’t eliminate your door just yet. You have all winter to think about it. If it doesn’t find a home or you don’t think of something neat to do with it you can always get rid of it. Your new door is quite handsome. I like the color too. I am a little partial to green doors as our front door is green. You will enjoy your holiday time with your children and Judy. Best wishes to you all.

  4. Eagles? gosh, lucky you! We’ve just had a new front door too, and have the old one hanging around. I may try to incorporate it into the garden. I like yours against the wall, maybe build a planter in that triangle and add a trailing plant.
    Have a wonderful holiday and all the very best to you and yours.xxx

  5. Happy holidays! A cabin in Minnesota sounds ideal for a week of indoor activities.
    Love your new door, and the colour. Your old door has potential, and would be good framed. I like Bittenbyknittin’s suggestion of sawing in half horizontally for a Dutch door. Good musings!

  6. That classic door was too nice to replace! I would have kept it attached to the house! Well, too late now. I agree that it should have a shed build around it. I got a door from a classic ranch style home in my mother’s neighborhood, and it was just too nice to throw out, so my Pa build a shed around it. The early American shed looked a bit odd if anyone bothered to notice that the nice door was for ranch architecture, but I doubt that anyone did. Anyway, without a shed attached to it, the door does sort of look like something that has not gotten hauled away yet.

  7. Gorgeous new door, Jason. The color will blend in beautifully with the garden instead of calling for attention. I like the idea of a planter in the old door. Wait til next gardening season to make a final decision. Have a lovely Christmas with your family. Hope you see some eagles!

  8. Ha, I am not the most creative person, but that is where Pinterest comes in for the rescue! I’m sure it could look awesome somewhere, as the deep green color would make a great backdrop for so many different colored flowers. Though won’t your house get stuff now without those refreshing blasts of arctic air? πŸ˜‰ Happy holidays!

  9. Happy Holidays! Enjoy your time in Minnesota. We’ll wave as you drive by (we’ll be heading in the opposite direction toward the Chicago suburbs to be with family). I’m sure you’ll find a creative placement and treatment for the door. Perhaps springtime might be a good time to visualize the perfect place for it? With green and growing stuff around it?

  10. I’m a huge fan of including indoor “discards” in the garden, although I’ve not done much of that yet. I’m sure you will find a good spot for it somewhere – and remember you can always paint it a different colour…I’m always partial to gray.

    Happy Holidays to you and Judy!

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