Blue Blooms for the End of May

The garden seems quieter now that the Tulips and Daffodils are gone.  It’s starting to transition from spring to summer, and for some reason blue flowers become more prominent at this time.


There’s a large, well established Bluestar (Amsonia tabernaemontana) in the Sidewalk Border.

DSC_0224Here’s a close up of the flowers. The long petals are a bit unruly, like a person with uncombed hair.

DSC_0246In the back garden there’s a cultivar of the same species, ‘Blue Ice’. ‘Blue Ice’ is more compact and the flowers are more tidy and a darker shade of blue.

DSC_0167I’ve put a fair number of ‘Blue Ice’ into the back garden’s raised bed. The more mature plants bloom earlier than the newcomers.  I hope with time they will bloom together to create a greater impact.

DSC_0065The Catmint (mostly Nepeta x faasennii ‘Kit Kat’) has been blooming for a while. The much larger Catmint ‘Six Hills Giant’ will come into its own later in June.

DSC_0312I haven’t noticed a lot of bees until recently, but now they are all over the Catmint.

DSC_0338Clematis ‘Multi-Blue’ is looking pretty good after that earlier Clematis wilt scare, don’t you think?

DSC_0339I still haven’t found a companion vine to grow with ‘Multi-Blue’, but maybe I’ll just plant two of the same variety.

The month of June will feature many more blue flowers. I’m especially looking forward to the Wild Blue Indigo (Baptisia australis). Then July  will arrive with its hot temperatures and hot colors in red, yellow, and orange. The gardening year is moving much too fast.

28 Comments on “Blue Blooms for the End of May”

  1. Yes, the gardening year does seem to be zipping along. Here it is the last day of May. I like the way that Amsonia keeps blooms for so long. I have only one type
    Amsonia bubrectii ‘Narrow Leaf Blue Star’. It grows in an amazing tight wad. I have tried to divide it but can’t get a shovel into it. I should purchase more but I never think to do it at the right time. I saw more bees early in the spring. Maybe I am just not out as much or there are more blooms they can choose from now and are not here so much, or are more spread out.

  2. Beautiful blue – not too much blue in my garden right now except for the forget-me-nots, which I do always enjoy. Wild Blue Indigo is one plant have wanted to incorporate into the garden ever since I saw it all over the place at the Minneapolis fling – such a gorgeous plant and I’m surprised that it’s not more prevalent where we are.

  3. I agree: It’s happening too fast! Yes, your Clematis looks healthy and beautiful! I added a small patch of Amsonia hubrichtii last summer, but I think I might have to move it–it’s surrounded by Hostas and I think it would be happier in a different space. The Amsonias sport such pleasant shades of blue!

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