Off to California

In about three hours we’ll be heading to the airport. There we’ll meet our son Danny and get on a plane to Los Angeles. David is flying to the same destination from Minnesota.

2014-12-26 19.30.25
View of Los Angeles from the Getty Center

This is the seventh year where we’ve all taken a Christmas trip together. While these trips take us away from people we know in Chicago, it let’s us spend some real quality time with our boys. I’ve pretty much decided to keep doing these trips as long as the kids are able and willing. (Some day, I imagine, they will have competing obligations.)

The weather has been so mild in Chicago, though, that this trip doesn’t have the usual feel of Escape from the Gulag. Even so, it will be nice to be in a place that is warmer, far away, and just – different.

We’re coming back on New Year’s Eve. In the meantime, I might post a photo or two, but do not intend to write anything of length.

Wishing joyous holidays to you all.

33 Comments on “Off to California”

    • We’re meeting our boys in Florida this year, which is new for us not to be home. All of us coming from different directions and one very delayed flight but I think everyone will be in place in a few hours. Very warm in Rochester, NY too; in Florida high of 88 and I’m not used to all the elves and Santa Clauses on the front lawns when it feels like deep summer. Enjoy your sons and have a wonderful family vacation!

  1. Have a wonderful holiday with your family. Our son and his family from Australia arrived in Montreal this afternoon. We are just back from a casual Christmas eve dinner with our daughter Hilary and her family, our daughter Gill and her family plus umpteen other relatives. An evening that pushes all the right buttons. Best wishes for 2016.

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